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BTInternet and Notifications
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:52:23 am »
Hi all

Please note that if you have a BTInternet email address as part of your forum profile then be aware that BTInternet are blocking our forum notification emails. There are a few exceptions but generally it affects the majority of BTInternet email accounts.

Unfortunately they seem to be treating them as spam and completely blocking them. They don't even seem to going to a spam box, just completely blocked.

We've tried to resolve this with BT but unfortunately dealing with them is a frustrating experiencing and quite frankly we've given up due to their ineptitude.

BTInternet users might want to consider changing your profile email address to another provider (gmail, hotmail etc). The reason we mention it is because if you ever forget your password then it will be impossible to reset it and you'll be locked out of the forum. This has already happened to several members on the forum. Also, you'll never get any notifications if someone sends you a message etc.

If you check the BT forums then you'll see many instances of BT blocking emails, this is the last topics but their are many:

This is disturbing as you might not be receiving emails from many other senders, not just us. Trouble you think your email is working just fine until you realise that lots of email destined to your email account simply never arrive. We've seen multiple instances of emails from HMRC and other important organisations simply being rejected outright  :151:

Depending on what type of email account you have then some people will have access to a "Safe Senders" list. If you have this then we would advise you add our outgoing automated forum email address which is:

Code: [Select]
On a side note I looked at Trustpilot and their rating for email is 1.3 out of 5 !

Here's a quote from one user that sums it up:

Disastrous. I have two friends on btinternet email addresses. They are both almost unreachable. This must be the worst email address in the western world. Can't give them less than one star because the system won't allow it.

On this basis I would seriously advise that you change your profile email account to another email provider. Personally I think gmail works really well.

This also affects BTYahoo Mail, BTMail, TalkTalk and old legacy Tiscali email accounts as they run through the BT platform.

Unfortunately, the forum will no longer accept a BTInternet email address for new members and it will be automatically rejected at registration.

Anyway thought we'd let you know  :038: