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Triumph Trophy members meet up - June 28th 2020

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Good Evening fellow Trophy Owners.

Right, I have been in talks with the Triumph Factory in Hinkley, the 28th of JUNE has been pencilled into their diary for a meeting of Triumph Trophy owners and their bikes.

An area will be made available for us to park in, as of yet I am unsure exactly where, but I am pushing for outside the front, but opposite is a parking area, I have parked in this before when I attended a Triumph Daytona 675 meeting.

I was asked on numbers, but they do appreciate that I cannot give them an exact figure, the lady there was talking about sitting down having lunch, they supply the food, but I did say that "we" would most likely use the 1902 Café for food and drinks.

Factory Tour.

Visit and Factory Tour Details: £300 per tour (group)
Factory Tours have a maximum of 15 people per tour.
They can accommodate up to 4 tours per day; tour start times will be staggered accordingly, each tour charged at £300 each. Discounts are not available for smaller groups.
Headsets are used to deliver Factory tours.
Group visits can be accommodated 10am-1630hrs Wednesdays-Sunday, subject to availability. I need an Idea of a time please.

Obviously this is a group tour, and has to be paid before hand / at time of booking ...this works out & £20.00 per person, if you don't turn up, there is no refund.

Otherwise, the tour's can be booked individually, again into groups of 15.
 Price:  £20 per person
 How to book:  Online in advance only
 Duration: 1.5 hours

Please note the Factory Tours are very popular and sell out quickly.

Payment details:
All group bookings must be paid for in full at least 4 – 6 weeks prior to the date of visit. Our Finance team will send you an Invoice with details of how to pay (preferably bank transfer), this will come to me, I will add my bank details for members to pay into, I will set a separate account up for this.

The Site is open:  Sunday 10:00h - 16:30h.

Helmets and rider wear. Factory Tour visitors will have a secure locker in which to place helmets, rider wear and other personal items for the duration of their tour. Please note that you will need to keep cameras and phones in a secure locker during your tour.

Refunds. Sorry, but once a Factory Tour is booked, we're unable to arrange a refund if you cancel.

Children. They welcome children of all ages but under 18’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

I have added a link to the Triumph web site, where you can book the tour yourself if you wish.


I have seen there is some interest in this, so the more the merrier, lets try and make it a yearly thing, and get as many of our wonderful machines there as possible.
If you can send me a pm expressing your interest, or indeed will attend, I would be most grateful, that way I can get a figure / idea of numbers..but to do a group booking, I need a minimum of 15 people, remember I have limited time on this to get it organised, it would be nice if we could do it as a group, but feel free to arrange this yourself.

Getting there:    The Triumph Visitor Experience is at Triumph's main factory site which is located at Normandy Way, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 3BZ, on the A47 between Leicester and Coventry.  The site is within easy reach from the M1, M6 and M69 motorways.

NOTE ::::When using a Sat Nav, the postcode will lead you to a nearby industrial estate on Dodwells Road/A47. Where possible, please search in advance on a digital map service to help you locate ‘Triumph Motorcycles Factory Visitor Experience’.

Finally, I hope to see as many owners and their bikes there, and for the sun god to be kind.

If I have missed anything, please let me know.

Regards, Wilko (Paul)


You are almost stepping up to the level of Coconut. :062: and you'll get my answer in a few days' time.


Originally Posted by Ebenezer Paul,

You are almost stepping up to the level of Coconut. :062: and you'll get my answer in a few days' time.


Hahaha, Thank you, but I have a long way to go yet to reach god like status  :153:...I try my best.

It would be great if you could attend, hat's off to you for traveling from the Netherlands.  :028:

Hahaha. Ebenezer, Wilko is doing a good job and today he has already earned lunch. Hahaha.

Thanks wilko

Put me down for a place Wilko, and Thanks again for organising this !  :028:

Might I suggest that you DON'T put your Bank account details into the Forum
as it's Publicly accessible, just to be on the safe side !  :015:

It's a bit of a "faff" from personal experience, but sending the Bank details out
in a Private Message to each interested Member is what I have done in the past,
and at the same time ask for personal email addresses & contact details
so that any further updates can be sent by email in Bulk.

It would be great if we could get 15 Trophy Owners to do a Factory Tour together,
but as mentioned - they get booked up quickly, so I suggest everyone announces their
committment to attend here, so Wilko can can send out the PM's and get payment
from everyone to make the Booking  :169:

Personally I'd prefer the Tour to be earlier rather than later.
as I may have another event to get to in the afternoon !

I have my £20 ready to pay as soon as I receive the Bank details.   :158:


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