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Ride Reports since UK lock down


Please note that we now kindly ask members in the UK not to post topics of their rides which tell everyone where they've been on their bike.

Without being judgemental, but due to the emergency legislation now in place in the UK, essentially it is now illegal to go for a ride "just for pleasure".

As you shouldn't be discussing or promoting anything on the forum that's illegal then these topics are now not acceptable.

Such topics appearing on other forums have been shot down with members telling the poster that they are being irresponsible. In turn this leads to arguments breaking out which we don't need on the forum.

Whether you go for a ride or not is up to you, but please don't post it on the forum until this situation is lifted.  :038:


However, feel free to post if you're out delivering NHS supplies  :037: , or maybe riding to work, or something fine like that.

Also, if you live in another country where no such restrictions apply then post away and we'll all gloat at you !  :001:

Hopefully we get some ride time in the months ahead as the situation peaks and wanes.  :152:

Keep Safe  :031:


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