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    Re: Rear Shock repair/refurb
    Reply #80 on: Mar 25, 2023, 04.38 pm
    Mar 25, 2023, 04.38 pm
    *Originally Posted by STJIM [+]

    And perhaps the gas tank could be just tilted up a bit and not completely removed ?   Although the small side tank hoses might have to be removed anyway to even tilt the tank up .....

    I did this job a number of years ago, and yes, out of desperation and frustration, I ended up taking the tank apart enough to lift up the back.  It still wasn't an easy job, but it seemed impossible before I lifted the tank.

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    Re: Rear Shock repair/refurb
    Reply #81 on: Apr 02, 2023, 05.13 pm
    Apr 02, 2023, 05.13 pm
    Ok guys, we now have a spare rear shock in need of refurb, I am willing to donate to forum, if any one needs one to refurb due to there one dying, I will send it on to you, all I ask is that you pay me first for postage then donate your old one to the group to pass on to the next unfortunate that needs to refurb a rear shock, Any takers please contact me
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    Re: Rear Shock repair/refurb
    Reply #82 on: Apr 04, 2023, 07.22 pm
    Apr 04, 2023, 07.22 pm
    No need to remove fairings or fuel tank.

    Parts to remove to remove the rear shock absorber and preload motor:

    - Small left panel that is under the seats and behind it are the relays and fuses.

    - Small right panel that is under the seats and behind it are the relays and the TES control module.

    - TES control module.

    - Support of the preload motor.

    - Upper screw that holds the rear damper. Say that, to remove the top screw. It must be done on the left side, which is why you have to remove the small left panel, (it is possible that, so that the screw does not turn, you have to hold the screw on the part of the small right panel.

    - Remove the aluminum fuze

    - I did that same job a few months ago. What will give more work is to remove the support of the preload motor, since it has two rear screws that are difficult to access.

    - The other part, work, is to figure out how to remove the shock and preload motor under the swinging arm. But power can perform the job perfectly.
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