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Summer 2021 GTG With The Twisted Trophies

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Okay letís get Started!!

With some input it looks like people are wanting to go to the south western corner of South Dakota,, Black Hills National Forest , Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park.
All of this is just miles from Rapid City SD.

Now the time line.
The 4th of July is a busy time for travel and lodging.

So letís say we use the week of June 13th to 19th as the closest before the 4th and July 11th to July 19th as the closest after the 4th.

Then thereís August the first part as the nearer we get to September weather could be a factor. :821:

Saddle Tramp was talking about a little place in Arizona Cave Creek that we could all go.
If we do we need to make sure we have a Twisted Trophy Tee shirt to wear.   :017:

So Cave Creek is a bad idea as thereís another group that callís that home and doesnít like to see others in their area.

It would be to Hot any way. 🥵

The timing would be perfect for you guys to ride to Wakefield, Michigan on the 9th and do an IBA SS1K on the 10th - Please see my thread.


I'll be in Alaska some time in August.  I would think June would be the most agreeable weather.


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