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Scala G4 working great
« on: September 01, 2013, 07:07:03 pm »
i have posted previously  and was getting extremely frustrated with my T to scala g4 connection, dropping, skipping, vox not working when on the t and generally crap. I was seriously thinking of binning it and going back to an old wired autocom i have in the garage. As a last ditch I did a bit of googling and found on a forum for :431: bmw a few folks who had had similiar problems and bought new cradles that fixed
£48 out of pocket i tried the new one this weekend on an overnight run to skye and back first audio drop out continued but voice activation and intercom  working again to the lady on the back (her vox however not working).
As soon as i raised the insignificant little aerial on tha g4 ( the one you think is there as a gimmick) it started to work perfectly!
So I now have a great system apart from the fact my good ladies voice activation doesn't work.....current workaround she taps me on the shoulder I speak to open communications.
My scala is around 4 years old and whilst it was only used when 2 up on my sprint which was only a few weekends a year the helmet mounting has been there all the time commuting through scottish weather 9 ish months of the year so has seen a lot of action!
So if you are having similiar problems try it....i was this one try away of going back to wires. What a backward step that would have been.
So I will be saving up to buy a mount to return my wifes vox to full function as well  :084:. Not sure how long it will take to save up! Worth saying the g9 mount ( which the g4 fits) has bigger speakers than the g4 and comes with wired & boomed mikes - i assume you can now buy spare mikes instead of the whole assembly - sound quality is much better as well but i am comparing it to the 4 year old one so as new the difference may be smaller.
She has done more miles on this bike this year than she would on any of the others combined in the last 5 years and we only got it in late April. Where it used to be "ok this time i will come with you" now its "where are we going next".
Only other T i have seen outside a showroom in real life yet was parked up in the isle of man with no owner to be seen - we appear to still be rare beasts

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Re: Scala G4 working great
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2013, 03:38:25 pm »
IN MIDLAND NTNEXT, extending the antenna also improves, but does not help at all, now it has worked perfectly without audio cuts, cuts had only yesterday could not hear, the problem is in the trophy bluetooth module, to vibrate fails

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Re: Scala G4 working great
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2013, 05:17:43 pm »
In a different thread miss suggested I raise the antenna on my G9.  It dos help quite a bit but does not completely cure the problem.  At least not on my particular G9.  In any event I find it most strange that Scala didn't think to recommend this when I called them.  It took another forum member
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