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So, what attracted you to your other half?

Personally, my wife has "Spanner Eyes"... when she looks at me my Nuts tighten up.  :745:

It's almost bike related.  :001:

For me: on her bank account  100.00 and a Jagggggh.
A Jagggggh ST"arrrr"

To all: ;-) do not take it to serious.

Saw her across the room on an arranged blind date, and the closer she got the more beautiful she got.  Up close she was drop dead gorgeous.  I was all in at that point.  I call her "Gorgeous" to this day.

A bit longer than those above because of twisted road taken...

Saw her senior picture on the shelf at a friend's house (who happened to be her uncle) and said, 'Who's that?'

Had a blind date Valentines 1987, took off slow, but prior to my military entry in Aug 87 we were as close to all in as you can get.  I was accepted to USMA in 88 (West Point) where one is not allowed to be married/have dependents so I broke it off not wanting to make her and I wait 9 years (I did not want to be married in the Army).  I resigned during my stint and went to civilian work.  She had friends there.  We each married other (both abusive) people.  We each got divorced within a year of each other and took up where we left off.  Our 20th anniversary is next week.

What attracted me?  Her photo and her patience.

She was, and still is, the only one who can stand me! :005:


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