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Re: Hi from Baltics
« Reply #16 on: December 04, 2020, 11:26:14 am »
I understand you perfectly !  :152:

This question has arisen due to a change in the explanation
within a revised Owners Handbook that Triumph published.

The text you have copied is from Page 24 of "Publication 3852642 Issue" ( Shown on your Page 4 ).

The page I referred to is on Page 24 of "Publication 3853701 Issue 2" :

The description of the Oil Pressure Warning Light operation was changed in Version 2.

I have NO information as to whether the Low Oil Pressure Warning Light on earleir Trophies
DID operate as decscribed in Version 1 of the Owners Handbook, but I suspect not,
and that it was one of many errors ( but not all ) that were corrected in Version 2.

On my Trophy ( one of the last few produced ) the High Coolant Temperature Warning Light
also comes ON for 1.5 seconds ( with the Low Oil Pressure Warning Light ),
and it also goes OFF after 1.5 seconds - see below Video.

If YOUR Trophy is the same, I suggest this IS Normal  :169:

Just to really complicate things, You USED TO BE ABLE to download a copy
of Version 2 of the Owners Handbook from the Triumph Owners Handbook Library,
which is where I got mine from, but they have gone back to Listing Version 1 again !  :087:
( I wiill take that up with them ! )

Finally, I compiled a List of the known Owners, Audio, and Service Handbooks + Service Manual errata,
and while there is an error in Version 1 relating to the Battery Warning Light
which incorrectly stated it came ON when the Ignition was turned ON,
and which was corrected in Version 2, I have not, until now, been aware of this change
relating to the Low Oil Pressure Warning Light, so I will add those details to the List !

Cheers  :821:

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Re: Hi from Baltics
« Reply #17 on: December 04, 2020, 12:59:52 pm »
Hi Coconut,
Ok, clear! My TT SE is doing exactly the same as yours.

I will try to get Workshop Manual, and also will test the Oil Pressure Switch as not seeing how oil pressure light goes out after engine starts will hurt my brain even more in longer run... :191:
As I need to remove the tank to change the air filter, I will get to it with some efforts. And as I wrote the logic of this switch normally is such that it is closed at low pressure, therefore closes the loop to negative side, and respectively light should be illuminating. So I will test how it works and see if I can tie in additional LED light which could keep me posted in good old fashioned way...

Thanks for your time supporting us!


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Re: Hi from Baltics
« Reply #18 on: December 04, 2020, 02:02:07 pm »
The Oil Pressure Warning Light only comes on when you first switch the Ignition ON,
to check and show that the Bulb is working, nothing more.

It then goes OFF 1.5 seconds later - before starting the engine, not after.

I don't think the Service Manual will help much - the main wiring diagram just shows
one side of the switch going to the main Instruments Connector at Pin A33,
and the other side of the switch being connected to Ground.

There would seem to be some Triumph electronic wizardry going on,
but in the Sub Sections of the Electrical Chapter in the Service Manual
it looks like they were undecided as to where to include the
Oil Pressure Switch, so put it on the "Lighting Circuit" page !   :087:

Cheers  :821: