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    Fuel Filter Replacement Interval
    on: Jan 08, 2021, 04.04 pm
    Jan 08, 2021, 04.04 pm
    So, there ha s been a discussion about not following the recommendations / requirements in the Scheduled Maintenance Chart with respect to the fuel line replacement every 4 years regardless of mileage.

    I'd like to add my 2-cents about the fuel filter replacement interval.  The Chart says to replace it every 20K miles.  That seems way too soon to me.  Some newer cars have replacement intervals of 100K miles.  So modern filter elements must be much improved.  I would feel comfortable going at least 40K miles before changing.

    The Honda ST1300 has an inline filter in the tank as part of the fuel pump assembly, same as the TTSE and doesn't even have a replacement interval, but that may have been an oversight in the Service Manual.  And BTW, many cars and some F.I. motorcycles don't have an inline filter, only a "sock' filter at the input of the fuel pump in the tank.

    If an Owner doesn't do their own work, the fuel filter replacement could be done at the second 20K service, to save some $$.

    But I might as well go ahead and replace the fuel filter at every valve clearance check, since it's easy to do at that time with the tank off, but will replace it with a standard auto metal canister 5/16 inch fuel filter to save some significant USD$$.  A standard filter goes for about $6.  But I will need to buy a short length of submersible fuel line since the OEM filter is a little longer than the 5/16" standard auto fuel filter.  And I may replace the "sock" filter also at that time.  It's a standard "sock" filter available at any good auto parts store.
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