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Re: Best windshield to eliminate blowback?
« Reply #16 on: January 19, 2021, 05:03:39 pm »

So I had the similar issue with the pressure behind the helmet pulling me forward.  After reading stuff on here I decided to 'Scientific California' my own stock windshield.

The end result was an improvement but not a complete solution.  With the screen up full the back pressure is pretty much gone up to 80-90km/hr. 

At highway speeds 110+ it is still there but noticeably less.  Still too much for me so I tend to lower it enough so that it disappears (my helmet is usually exposed to the wind at this point). 

Looking at the windshields that are actually designed with the purpose or the ones people say they don't have any issue with I've noticed that top of those windshields are rounded up or straight across, where as the stock one is rounded down. I may try to mod the windshield more and fool around with that, or just deal with it as is.  I'm also considering doing that lip thing that was mentioned.

That's my experience with it.  I'm 5'-11" ish for reference.