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can I fit tire size 180 on rear?

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I have a spare rear tire from my previous bike, an FJR, which is a Roadsmart III size 180/55zr17. Could I put it on the Trophy?
It takes a 190 I think. But I don't know enough to to know if it's a viable option.

Personally, I'd see if I could sell that smaller tyre, and stick with the size specified.

Both the profile and the diameter are different between those two tires.  Not sure about the mounting requirements for a 180 vs 190.  Like Coconut said, I'd stick with the stock size to maintain handling characteristics unless those are something you are wanting to change.

Since the FJR is in the same class as the Trophy I thought it was worth asking.

If you did, expect the speedo to be off even more.  You would also need to check the weight rating as the TTSE is heavy.
I have a 200 on the rear so that I could get into a better touring compound tire (Metzler 888) so my speedo is SLIGHTLY more accurate than with the stock tire size.
Any handling difference is negligible for the average non-track rider.  But it could put rotations out of spec and interfere with the anti-lock system.  My 200 didn't, but don't know about a smaller tire.


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