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USB port missing in the front pocket

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Trying to figure out where to purchase the USB port that should be in the front pocket.  The power socket is there, but the USB port is missing.  My primary goal is for charging as I will primarily be using my helmet audio for any music / calls.  However, I might throw a flash drive in there with music on it as well.

I've tries looking online for this cable, but I have not been able to find anything specifically showing that part.  I did pull the pocket out and can verify that the cable is not hanging anywhere and just slipped out.

Any help would be appreciated.


If your motorcycle is not an SE, it does not have a USB input, since it lacks the sound equipment.

There were 2 models of Trophy - the Standard Trophy without the Audio system
and the SE Model with the Audio system.  As far as I am aware ALL US / Canadian
export Models were the SE Version.

I note in your Member description, that you describe your Trophy as an SE Model.

As digital has mentioned, the USB Socket is part of the Audio system wiring.

The USB Socket cable emerges from the same loom that provides the power
for the Stowage box Accessory Socket and the Stowage box Locking Solenoid.

If for some reason it has been cut off, this could present problems
especially if your Audio system software has not been updated to Version 1.04E
( the update fixed a previous version "Bug" that caused the main battery to drain ),
as the update is applied via that USB Socket.

Itís definitely a SE model. Iíll poke around a bit more to see if I just missed the plug somewhere. If not, Iíll have a dealer check out the firmware of the radio to see what need to be done.

Thanks for the quick reply.

In that case, it could be that it has been pushed inwards, more than normal and is just behind the glove compartment.

Disassemble the glove box and see if it is behind, it only has two screws, one outside and one inside the glove box.

The outer screw is somewhat longer and the color is slightly more yellow than the inner screw.


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