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Garmin Zumo connector compatibility

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Hi all Zumo user, my trophy came with a Zumo mount, but without device.
1) are all Zumo version fit the same connector / mount?
2) which one is the "best" (visibility in California sun, screen size, voice quality over BT, other quirks you noticed)?
3) can I update the maps over the Internet? does it cost extra?
3) anyone selling his or has a tip where to get one for a reasonable price?

Thanks (and apologies if this has been answered previously, maybe @coconut can reply with the link :-)

I would expect that you have either the Garmin 600/660 or 595 Cradle fitted.

They ARE different and you can't use the 600 series in a 595 cradle or vice-versa :

For bright sunlight I would recommend the newer Garmin Zumo XT .

Specifications for all available Garmin models are available at www.garmin.comm

p.s. the "@" tag is not used in this Forum, which relies on Members reading Posts,
or being contacted via the Private Message system.  I do try and read all new Posts !

Cheers  :821:

I have a Zumo 350 and the cradle is different to the ones shown by Coconut.
Mine only has 2 pins to supply power to the device.

If you can, post an image of the mount you have so it can be identified and hopefully you'll get more specific help

The 660 is a very solid, reliable and stable unit with pretty good audio quality. It's still a "current" device and should be able to be updated to current maps. Due to their popularity they come up used quite frequently sub 100. I have had no issues connecting the 660 to the Trophy SE, Cardo (Schuberth SRC), Sena (10U) or Samsung phones up to S5.

Thanks for all your replies. I am away from the baby until Tue  :191: So I will post a picture then.
From what I remember it looks like a 595 cradle, it read "Zumo" on it too and did not have that "cheeks" with the screws in.

Specially to Coconut: We expect nothing less than reading it all  :046: I line up with all those who buy you a beer when in the area (San Francisco).

Are the maps kept current at Garmin? Does it tell me the "Scenic route with the twisties" ? I am only used to the TomToms and the iPhone apps of this world that guide you on the boring, short route and at best avoid traffic.

picture next week...


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