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No Brake Pressure After Tire Change


 So, rather than take a full day and run to the nearest dealership to get new tires, I opted to remove the wheels myself and have a small local shop put the tires on.

So I put the wheels back on. No problem...except when I finished getting the wheels back on, i now have no pressure on the front brake, and the rear brake needs to be pumped a couple times each time i squeeze the lever.

Not being much of a mechanical person, I am at a loss as to what to do.  It may be possible I didn't get the front wheel on right (although I've done it once before with no problem then), but it seems unlikely I didn't get the rear wheel on right?  It's just five lug nuts torqued to spec in the proscribed order.

Any advice on what may be happening or where to start looking for the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

It sounds like the brake pads are not in properly pop the calipers off and check. That the rear is affected is because a front brake piston is controlled by the rear brake .
This post should probably be in the maintenance section

When you removed the wheels it is possible that one or more of the Caliper Pistons
was expelled "too far" from the Caliper, and air has entered the system,
which could give exactly the symptoms you describe.

Provided no air has risen up the pipework, and then found its way
into the ABS Pump, ( unlikeley ) you should be able to bleed it out easily enough,
with the usual method of a tube attached to each Bleed nipple in turn,
and the other end of the tube immersed in a jar of clean Brake Fluid ( DOT 4 )
to ensure no air is sucked back in during the Bleeding process.

Worst case scenario is that when whichever Piston(s) were expelled "too far"
were pushed back in when the wheels were replaced, the Piston Seals were damaged
and would need replacing - This will become obvious with Brake Fluid leaking out
once any air has been bled out, the Bleed nipple tightened, and the brake operated.

Thanks for the help, guys.

It turned out to be not nearly so catastrophic as it seemed to be.

I removed the front wheel again, pulled the calipers and brake pads, cleaned everything.

Carefully reinstalled the wheel, ensuring good alignment on the rotors, put the calipers back on and the problem went away.

For a completely non mechanical person like myself, it was a relief to be sure.

Again, much thanks for the advice.



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