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Sold! 2016 Trophy SE for sale in Northern VA. $8500

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Sorry to say goodbye to my baby, but time to go.
14,863 miles on the odometer.
Michelin Road 5 tires have 5000 miles on them.
   R&G Adventure bars
   LED Fog lights
   FodSport GPS hardwired to satnav power.
   Lust Racing Lowering links.  Will provide original links as well.
   Low seat (aftermarket heating installed)
   Regular seat included
   Givi V47 TopCase with integrated lights
   Original Trophy side cases
   Brake light modulator installed

Full Transparency:  These pictures are a couple years old.  I will upload new photos this weekend, but the bike still looks just as good.   :152:
Camping gear not included.

02/05/21 - Edited to add "Sold" Flag.
Trophy Moderator

Why are you selling it?

Any interest in selling the R&G bars separately?

Good question.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bike.  It's just a little too big and much bike for me.  Even with the bike lowered, I'm either on my toes or have one foot on the peg and one foot on the ground at a stop light.  I'm looking to get a smaller bike with a lower seat height, which will give me a lot more confidence.  Besides, I like changing bikes every few years.  So many bikes to ride, so little time...

To tdragger:   No.  Adventure bars stay with the bike.


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