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2022 Ride for Twisted Trophies

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Okay it looks like the Covid 19 turned into Covid 2020 and then Covid 2021 and I hope not Covid 2022!!

I hope we can look at a Ride in 2022 after all we should we should have gotten the shots or have Dr. Fauci may say it's Okay to travel!!!

I know it's early to think about 2022 but if we don't plan we plan to fail!!

I would like to see us in the spring chasing tornadoes across the Midwest with a lot of Tequila once we get back from Mexico,,,,,,,,,,,, April , May or June.

This is without saying we can travel again after all I want to ride.
In a few days I get my second shot and I hope we can get back to normal soon.

I know we Texans want want to get RIDING again as the most of everyone does and we may have to push to get it done.


I was thinking that we Twisted Trophies are the most active group in the World and we will get the First New Trophies 1600's as a test run group!!

I'll just have to sit back and drool over that one! :156:  My Trophy is needing some exercise, so I may just pack up and go somewhere in June if anyone has any ideas and wants to do one, let's hear it.

Iím going in 11 days to Ride.
If I get to ride more before next year great but letís plan for a trip for the others that havenít gotten to ride after all itís ok to Dream about riding.

Hey guys...  I got my second shot a month ago and have been on one camping trip already.  I'm heading out on another one in two weeks and another in June.  Be safe.


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