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Tyre mounted reversed?

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Just had a new PR4GT put on my loose front wheel, got home to find the direction arrows seem to be pointing the wrong way. Funny thing is though, the tread pattern seems right for moving water from the contact patch to the outside of the tyre. The rear is new too (earlier in the week as I couldn't get both wheels off at once) and the arrows on that point in the direction of rotation and the tread is moving from the contact patch to the side wall, as I would expect for water dispersion.

I had a quick Google to check I wasn't loosing my mind and found this:

"As for braking, 80 % of the braking should take place in the front on most bikes. Therefore, the front tread splice is run in the opposite direction than that of the rear, so when the rider is on the brakes, he’s not peeling the tread splice back.

If you are using a tyre that has a directional arrow for rear rotation only and for some reason you want to put it on the front, make sure it is rotating in the opposite direction so you don’t aggravate the tread splice."

So now I'm confused.

Is my PR4GT really a rear tyre and the fitter, knowing his stuff, has deliberately reversed the wheel for front use? Have Michelin put the arrow on the wrong way? Have I lost it and am misreading the tread dispersal patter incorrectly?

More to the point, should I take it back and tell them it's on backwards and I want it swapping?

In the shot above, the front of the bike is to the left hand side of the image.

So if anyone with PR4GTs on could have a look at their front tyre and report back I would be extremely grateful!

Well I think I've answered my own question... I found a photo of the bike that clearly shows the previous tyre pattern went from outside to inside, as the tyre rotates so they HAVE put it on backwards!!! Oh well.. back to the shop...

Yes - It's on backwards !

Whenever there are Rotation marks on a tyre they should be followed.

The fitter must not have known the direction of rotation of the wheel,
which is easily done when the wheel is presented without the bike !

 Yes, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.. Having said that, he took the other one off  :002: Michelin importer too, dear me.. I'm sure there will be a bit of embarrassment tomorrow!

I don't know why they stopped casting the directional arrow into the rim like they used to  :084:

If a rim is fitted with a 90 deg valve stem, it's normally pointing towards the offside for better accessibility while on a side stand, having said that I've had one complete with TPMS fitted incorrectly before, by a Triumph dealer workshop  :015:


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