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Static on the radio when engine is running

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Greetings all!

New member to this forum and currently DO NOT own a Trophy but I am looking to buy one.  I have a line on a nice 2014 Triumph Trophy SE, silver, 30K miles that seems in great shape except when the engine is running, the FM stations do not work.  Nothing but static. When you turn on the key and activate the radio, FM works fine. The AM stations work as well as the weather band. The XM band shows a message of: CHECK ANT. I haven't tried to pair the bike with my phone.

I read several very clear posts on this site about how to check for the software version which I will do.  The seller is a dealer, but not Triumph and I am more concerned their "mechanics" start messing with it and really fry something.  I put in an offer to buy the bike "as is" hoping for a good deal, but thought I would reach out to this awesome group for the opinion on a good chance to correct this issue myself or should I run away screaming? 

Everything else seems to be in good order and I will run through the list of things to check on (list found on this site from Coconut!) when considering a purchase of a Trophy.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Did you try changing the station?  There may not be any FM presets or they may have all been deleted and it isn't tuned into anything.  Try tuning it to a known local FM station to see.

Has it got LED Headlamps fitted?

If so there may be interference from the drivers  which will only turn on once the engine is running.
Simple test - pull the clutch in and hold whilst turning the ignition on, this will turn the headlight on, if the static is there, then turn the kill switch off which will turn off the headlights and see if it disappears.

Otherwise it could just be poor reception or aerial connection.

Just to recap and clarify the problem(s) ...

Does the FM radio work, and you can receive
and listen to FM radio stations when the Ignition
is ON, without starting the engine, but when you
start the engine the radio reception changes to
static / interference ?  If that is the problem
then follow Stripyface’s suggestion to
check for After Market LED lights or other accessories
that could be causing the interference.

You also mention that there is a “Check Ant”
message for the XM radio.  We don’t have XM radio in the UK,
but the XM antenna is a square block mounted centrally in the
Uppermost surface of the Instruments Pack, below the screen.

It connects to a socket clipped to the Frame
behind the Left Indicator surround panel.
The wires from that socket run to the Audio Unit
which is located underneath the storage box
below the Riders Seat - 4 Torx type screws to remove
and lift the box out - The XM antenna wire has a Yellow plug.

It may be that the XM Antenna needs to “see”
the sky and thus the satellites to receive their signals,
and displays that message when it loses sight of them.
Hopefully one of our US Members can clarify that.

At worst, there is a Company in the US ( Radiosound Inc )
that can repair a faulty Trophy Radio Unit,
but it needs quite a bit of dismantling to remove it from the bike.
Search the Forum :821: for “Radiosound” to find the latest Topic
where the price is also mentioned.

Cheers  :821:

Greetings all!

Here is my update.  It is official.  I am the owner of the 2014 Triumph Trophy SE  :152:  I picked it up last night and a very pleased with the bike overall.  I look forward to many miles.

Thank you all for your suggestions.  Here are my replies:
Yes, I tried to change the stations scrolling though the entire FM band.  It seems like there is a "seek" feature that will scan forward/backward until a signal is found.  The radio lands on local stations, but there is no sound/talk/music just the static.

I don't know yet but I will check and try your suggestion. The lights are very white and may be LED but just a quick glance and I thought I saw a bulb like a halogen....  I will follow your tip on bypassing the headlight to check and follow up.

I found the XM antenna in the top box.  I will hook that up and see if it resolves the issue.  Thanks also on the tip to perhaps send the radio in for repair to Radiosound Inc.   Hopefully that will not be needed....

I have seen the information on checking to see what software version is currently on the bike and hop that will be a solution.  New bike and all, I need to spend some time messing with it.  I am confident that with everyones help, we will find a solution and I can enjoy the tunes! 



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