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Trophy1215 SE for sale in London


John Mc:
I have had my Trophy  - bought as an ex-demo from a main dealer - since 2016 and it now has 21k on the clock. It has been absolutely reliable, the only problems having been a failed TPMS, now replaced, and a front wheel bearing, replaced at the last service.

It is finished in Midnight Black, the best colour for this bike in my view.

It has a full main dealer service history, including the expensive 20k service.

Extras include heated grips, sat nav mount, engine bars and a Triumph tank bag. NO TOPBOX

The offside pannier cover is slightly scuffed, but I have a replacement which I've never fitted.

Tyres  are Pilot Roads and have a few k left in them. Brake pads have been replaced recently.

I'm selling as I'm now in my late 60s and though I can still manage this large bike I feel I should move it on before I cease to be able to.

I am looking for around  5,750 - please message me if you have any queries.

I'm having problems registering for the gallery, but can send photos to anyone interested.

John McN

Hi John, is this still available?


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