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Re: Tire Longevity
« Reply #8 on: November 13, 2021, 07:21:14 pm »
Got the glovebox open, removed the solenoid.  :017:  No more issues there.

Tires are better than I thought.

Front is the Roadtec Z6 - Currently right at 7k, still has decent life (2K?).  Have a new one I spent only $65 on in the shed waiting.

Rear is the Metzler 888- Currently has 12k on it, just touching center wear bars.  Considering I had case threads at about 9.6k on the factory tires, the move to the touring oriented 888 in 200 size (verses stock 190) was a good move.  And if anything my speedo is a hair more accurate, too.

These will be my last tires anyway more than likely as I plan to sell the bike in a year or so when I near retirement.

Considered Darkside seriously, but with my plan to part with it anyway, doesn't make good sense considering I do not know who will be the purchaser.

Doing the 40k service soon (as I already mentioned) and also going to rebuild (new bearings/spacers) the rear trailing link and everything else I can think of to make this the best and most reliable bike it can be for it's next rider.  Already have all the parts, a full valve shim kit, still have all the stock parts I removed (screen, seats (I got the taller Euro seats right off), foot pegs, etc), plus lots of other goodies.
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