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Trophy on Scotlands Norh Coast 500

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Hi folks, I have waited a long time to ride the very popular NC500. Then, a couple of weeks ago, both Covid easements and good weather finally came into alignment, so I booked accommodation last minute and set off a few days later.  Here's a short video of my trip.

I would be interested to hear what other members who have ridden this route on the Trophy thought of the NC500 roads.


Geoff  :001:

Unfortunately, I canít watch the video:

Apologies RedMerle .....I had changed it to "Public" but it somehow reverted back to "Private".  :157:
Should be ok now and thanks for letting me know.


Great video. And you included signs showing the names of the towns. Very handy. I am really looking forward to doing this route in 2023 or maybe 2024. And Iím sure you promise the weather will be that good when I do it ? Lol.

Iíll look forward to watching that later this evening  :028:


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