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I thought I'd spread the word on this Product that I recently discovered.

First off I DO NOT advocate the use of a Mobile Phone while Riding ( or Driving ).

Having said that, there are many Smartphone Apps that are useful to have
accessible while riding, including Sat Nav Apps etc, but I found a problem
where my iPhone screen ( with toughened glass Screen Protector fitted )
would not react to screen touches from my usual leather riding gloves.

I tried some allegedly "Touch Screen" Motorcycle gloves ( from China )
and they were about as much use as fitting an Ash Tray on a Ram Mount.  :191:

iPhone ( and similar Smart Phone ) screens have "capacative sensitivity" -
i.e. they react when the capacative nature of human skin is pressed upon them.
Leather gloves don't have the same properties so they just don't work on this sort of screen.

The answer I found is some very clever self adhesive material, marketed as "Glove Tacts"
that simply stick onto the fingertip of your glove - and they work !

After applying them as directed in the instructions, they should be left for 24 hours for
the adhesive to fully bond- the manufacturer then says they are then Machine washable !

Here's a Link to the Web Site :

GloveTacts Glove Touch Stickers V3 - 6 stickers package.

I got mine from Amazon ( UK ) for GBP £11.99 ( 6 Pack ).
You only need to use ONE, so that's just under GBP £2.00 with 5 Spares, in case they wear out !

You will also find various Reviews on You Tube etc -
Make sure you check for the latest Version 3 ( v3 ) Product.

As always, I have no connection or affiliation to the Seller / Manufacturer etc,
I'm just sharing my discovery of a new product.

Cheers  :821:

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Re: Glove Tacts - Convert Bike Gloves to use on Touch Screens !
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2021, 09:12:34 pm »
That’s a great idea. Pull over to operate the screen and you no longer have to take a glove off and risk dropping it on the ground  :028:
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Re: Glove Tacts - Convert Bike Gloves to use on Touch Screens !
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2021, 10:00:35 pm »
Oh good, interested to hear how well they work  :028:

As a cautionary note, a couple of years ago I bought a paint on solution "Nanotips" that was touted as being THE answer to the problem "works with all natural or fabric gloves". To be fair it did work and adhered to the gloves but just not for longer than a couple of rides before it peeled off. Instructions followed to the letter, I tired other gloves / different fabric and even a brand new pair. Same deal, so I wouldn't buy that stuff again nor recommend it.

These being a solid part and the adhesive doing only what it's intended to do might well work better.