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2021 Iron Butt Rally

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  The 2021 Iron Butt Rally has just started with one of our own Forum members competing. tdragger is riding his newly bought [second hand] Trophy this year. He is the only entrant on a Trophy this year. In the 2019 Rally there was four Trophy's entered with them all finishing.
  Also of note there is a "hopeless class" with "odd or old" motorcycles entered. One of these being a KTM 300cc. two stroke single and a Kawasaki 300cc. single trying to finish against the likes of the latest big Honda's and BMW's. Another interesting entry is the latest Harley Pan American. Looks like it's straight of the dealer floor with no long range fuel tank or extra driving lights.
   As they say, "let the fun begin".  :028: :028:

It will be interesting to follow. :028:

Does anyone know Taildragger's number?  Entrant's names are no longer available and if you don't know someone's number you can't find them on Spotwalla.  A LOT of entrants are not located on Spotwalla as of my last look.

Tropied, tdragger's number is 50. But that doesn't help you looking at his spot on the spot tracking of the rally as all the spots are scrambled daily. But at the present, tdragger [James Epley] finished the first stage after 3 days in 15th. place. There are two more stages to go till the finish. The link for the rally is https://ironbutt.com/ibr2021/
  I'm sorry I know I'm hopeless because I can't paste it here, but put that into your computer and you should find a daily report, photos and video of the start of the rally. I hope this helps. Cheers.

tdragger has moved up from 15th. place to 10th. going into the final leg.  :028: :028:


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