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Re: Driver Footrest Strength
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2021, 02:23:07 pm »
*Originally Posted by trophied [+]
I can step across the seat ala motor officer style if I really want to, I just find it easier to step on the left peg to mount.  That scenario may well be affecting my side stand, though there's nothing definitive on that.

I also do the same when I travel with my wife, that is, first she gets up and steps on the left footrest, meanwhile to support the weight of the motorcycle, I support the weight of my dana, holding the center of the handlebar, in this way does not suffer the weight of my lady, the side stand, once she is seated, I go up, stepping on the left footrest.

When I go alone, I go up the cowboy style. That is, to pass the right foot through the seats.
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