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Seemingly as a result of previously well documented instances of tight wiring to the Ignition Switch
( Subsequently subject of a Safety Recall ) some Members have had failures of the wiring to the
Immobiliser Transponder, which is encapsulated into the Ignition Switch Housing, requiring a
complete replacement of the Ignition Switch Assembly, which can be costly and result in
having different keys for the Ignition and the other locks on the Bike.

It IS possible, with care, to remove the Transponder Antenna housing and wiring,
and replace it, if a replacement can be located.
( Suggest asking Dealers for any left over Ignition Switches from the Safety Recall ).

Here's how :

The Ignition switch assembly must be removed from the Bike -
( Dealt with elsewhere in the Forum ).

This is where the Transponder Antenna is located :

The wiring loom from the Ignition Switch, which includes a sub loom for the Antenna,
connects to a socket underneath the left Loudspeaker.

This is the Plug from the Ignition Switch showing the two Pins of the two Antenna Wires,
which are of a  lighter gauge than the other Ignition Wires, and are coloured Brown, and White :

On my Trophy, using a ( non-calibrated ) Multi-Meter the Resistance between those two pins is 9.7 Ohms.
If there is either NO Continuity, or NO Resistance ( Short Circuit ) then this indicates
either a break in one or both wires, or a short circuit somewhere between them.

Remove the two small cross head screws from the bottom cover and remove the cover,
which may also be cable tied in position, to reveal the wiring.

This image shows the places where it is most likely for the Antenna wiring to have been damaged,
i.e. where any cable ties act upon them, and where they enter and exit the housing as shown:

Turn the Switch over and study the Keyhole area to locate
the two slots in the plastic shroud as shown :

Insert a fine flat bladed screwdriver or similar into these slots to release
the retaining tabs and gently persuade the shroud up and off the lock :

If required, the upper plastic part containing the Ignition Switch Position symbols
can be removed from the Shroud, by carefully depressing the internal tabs and withdrawing it :

Now we need to remove the two wiring Pins from the Multi-Plug.

Carefully cut away the existing cable sheathing
( It can be replaced and taped back over when refitting ).

A suitable tool is needed for depressing the locking tabs of the Pin Cover
and the Pins, to release them from the body of the Plug :

First remove the Orange Pin Cover - Use the tool to depress the Tabs
and a pair of tweezers or similar to pull on the pegs to remove it while they are depressed.
( An extra pair of hands would be useful here ! )

With the Pin Cover removed the Pins are revealed and their Locking Tabs can be accessed :

Insert the Tool between the edge of the Pin and the Plastic body.
It can help to pull on the Pin with a Pair of tweezers while inserting the tool
to create a little clearance for the tool to enter.

Once the Tool is inserted try pushing the Pin into the Plug body and out of the other side.
If it still feels solid, try the tool on the other side of the Pin, and be patient -
they can be stubborn to release !

Once released, fully withdraw them from the back of the Plug.

A new / replacement shroud with Transponder Antenna can then be refitted,
and the wiring Pins pushed back into the Plug until they "click" into place.

Try not to put any sharp turns on the wires where they enter and exit the base of the Ignition switch
and that when re-installed on the Bike they are not pulled tight when the handlebars are turned.

Cheers  :821:


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Re: Replacing the Ignition Switch Immobiliser Transponder Antenna
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Great write-up, Coconut!
Ride safe, ride often!

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Re: Replacing the Ignition Switch Immobiliser Transponder Antenna
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2021, 02:05:17 pm »
Slowly but surely we're acquiring a how to for everything that can go wrong on the Trophy.  Great help again! :821:
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