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New Corbin Seat Arrived

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After waiting for a month for production, my seat from Corbin finally arrived.  I couldn't be happier with my color selections and I love how it looks.  So far, I only have 36 miles on it, but I really appreciate how my hips are no longer tilted forward, the bump in the back really provides good support during acceleration, and my posterior is evenly supported all over.  My seating position is about an inch higher, which is good and bad.  Since my inseam is 29 1/2 inches, I am now on my tiptoes at a stop but my other ergonomics are acceptable.  I do have to raise my windscreen up a bit more at highway speeds, but that means I get more airflow when it's all the way down.  My reach to the handlebars was affected, but so far I haven't noticed anything negative about that. 

Here are obligatory pictures (Overlook Park, Canyon Lake, TX and my driveway):

My color selections were:

Seat:  Smoke Bomber Jacket (leather)
Sides:  Matte Black
Welt:  Smoke Grey Vinyl
Stitching:  Medium Silver
Logo:  Medium Silver

I did purchase a matching passenger backrest, but it obviously isn't installed in these photos.  I can't wait to see how this saddle feels in 1,964 miles.   :001:

Hi I got mine today and I completely agree with you it is the hip pain I noticed more than anything. I am 60 now and do have trouble with severe pain sometimes on my right hip but after about 80mile there to pick seat up, It was noticeably different and less painful coming back. I am also 29inch inseam leg and I wonder how the 32/34 inch inseam manage this bike for seating. I used a lower rider seat for my own conversion and I just adjusted the sat nav so I could see the gear change Icon, I wasted my time with new seat when sitting in the middle I cannot see clock, outside temp or gear change now. I'm thinking a correctly placed small mirror now as I cannot go higher with sat nav because of screen. Ride Safe Ade. :001:

Update:  I was able to get in another quick ride of 76.6 miles in yesterday evening - the more that I'm in this saddle, the more I love it even more.  Absolutely no tilting of my hips forward and no pressure points have reared their ugly heads.  The bump in the back really adds confidence during hard acceleration and gives you firm support, planting you in the bike.  I do enjoy the extra height in the seat in regards to the windshield as it seems to have eliminated that phantom hand pushing the back of your helmet forward.  The windshield has become a more versatile tool for me, which is definitely an added bonus.

Update:  Just over a 1,000 miles on the new seat and it is breaking in nicely.  I haven't noticed any hotspots developing and really enjoy not having my hips tilted forward.  My longest ride so far has been 344 miles with no real complaints other than it was too hot and humid out, but that's Texas in the summer for you and has nothing to do with the seat.   :008:

That is fine, also, from what I see in the photos it seems that for a person of short stature it helps him to reach the ground better. Is that so?


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