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A question for those of you that have bought or sold parts on the forum - how are you paying for or collecting payment from others?

I realize if close enough, cash in hand will work, but what if the width of the country separates buyer and seller?

I'm located in NE Florida, if that's pertinent...


As far as I know, it is like any product that you buy online. The buyer pays first and when the seller receives the money, he proceeds to pack the item and then sends it.

I get that, Digital, but I'm wondering how others are paying or receiving payment - i.e. apps, PayPal, etc. 

I'm a big PayPal fan.  There are vocal detractors but I've never had an issue.  I will admit, on another For Sale forum, I bought a part by sending a $20 bill in an envelope.  That worked out all right.

Within the same Country, a direct Bank Transfer is a good option
for making payment, as there are usually no Fees !

Making payments to other Countries with a different Currency will usually attract Fees,
and it's important to determine at the outset who will pay them.

Paypal can be used, and they allow the Sender to select the Currency for making the payment.

My understanding, at the time of writing is that, for example, someone in the U.S.
wanting to buy something being sold in the U.K. can select "GBP" as the payment currency -
Paypal will do the conversion let the buyer know how much it will cost them in USD,
including their Currency Conversion Fee, which is currently 5% of the Transaction amount.

The issue here is that if the Option to "Pay for Goods or Services" is selected by the Sender,
then in addition to the Sender paying a Currency conversion Fee, the Recipient also has to pay a Fee
to receive the payment into their Paypal account, which is currently 2.9% + GBP 0.30.
The Seller may therefore wish to add an amount to the sale Price to cover these Fees,
and ideally this should be discussed with the Buyer before agreeing the Sale and the Sale Price.

Note that if Paypal is being used to send money to "Friends & Family", rather than for "Goods & Services"
then there is no Fee to be paid by the Recipient, just the Currency conversion fee for the Sender,
but obviously if that Option were used to pay for any Goods or Services, there would be no
Paypal Buyer Protection, if the purchase didn't work out.  ( We're all Friends in here aren't we ?   :038: )

Hope that helps !


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