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rear wheel refurbishment


Hello Everyone,
i have noticed that the paint work on my rear wheel is bubbling and started to flake off. I live in North Yorks so would anyone be able to recommend a company that would be able to refurbish my wheel.


Try Googling "Alloy Wheel Powder Coating, Yorkshire".

A few companies are listed, such as "The Wheel Guru" in Leeds,
but I have no experience of using them, so I can't make recommendations.

Take into consideration that you may not get an exact colour match,
and may want to consider having the front wheel done at the same time.  :084:

Make sure you explain the importance of not Power coating the inside
of the rear wheel mounting recess, or it won't fit back on !

Also seek their advice regarding removal of front seals and bearings if you do have the front done.

Cheers  :821:


A few words of caution on having corroded alloys powder coated.

If the original coating has lifted, it's almost certain that there will be a degree of surface pitting in those areas. If you are having the powder coater do all the work, discuss polishing the corroded areas with them first and also discuss the expected finish quality, pitted areas can "outgas" during curing leaving unsightly sand paper finish in that area. Ensure that they will agree to refinishing if a primary coat does not achieve the expected finish quality. If you're going to remove the tyre etc. yourself, I'd advise scraping and buffing the affected areas with Scotchbrite to assess the degree of pitting. If pitted areas are not buffed, even if there is no outgassing, you will not achieve a consistent smooth finish in that area, powder coating will not "hide" damaged surfaces.

Ask them to "hang" the rim around the inner drop centre when coating to avoid getting coating "flash" around the inflation valve hole, many hang them with a wire through the hole  :023:

Ensure your tyre remover /  powder coater is aware of:-
A) The TPMS sensor/s and the care required removing them.
B) If doing both rims ask them to make a note / photograph the sensor numbers to ensure they go back on the same rims (it might be worth considering replacing the batteries depending on the age / mileage since the TPMS sensors were fitted)
C) Ask them to note the orientation of the valve stem when refitting, you'd be surprised how many get it wrong  :187:
D) I've never encountered a powder coater that would entertain coating a rim with the bearings and or seals in place, the heat during curing (200 deg C) will melt the grease and usually the  seals too and might affect the coating adhesion / finish. For an extra 30 for new quality bearings and seals and the peace of mind that comes with that, it's just not worth re-using them.
E) Ask them to confirm that they will mask off the bearing bores prior to blasting to ensure the bore dimensional accuracy and finish is not compromised.


I am not the OP, but I thank you for your post. That is good information to know about precautions to take when powder coating. I learned a couple of things from that.

Thank you.

I forgot to mention the following with respect to "self buffing".

Do NOT use the common steel wire wheels for angle grinders and drills, apart from being a bit too aggressive they will leave tiny particles of steel embedded in the alloy that will corrode over time and aggravate any existing pitting. A "Scotchbrite" (other brands are available) pad or wheel is probably the best option and if you really must use a wire brush, rotary or hand, use a stainless steel or brass bristle one.


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