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Explorer mirrors on a Trophy

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The Gen 1 Explorer mirrors are high quality items and the fit straight on to the Trophy.

Unfortunately, they are next to impossible to find now and were £199 each when they were generally available!  :005:

However, move quickly if you want these (these may be the last set):

Iíve just bought two pairs and you may get them for usefully less if you phone Bruno at Dave Death Motorcycles direct 👍


I've just ordered a pair. I'll know who to blame if I'm not happy with them  :151:

It all depends on how well the OEM mirrors work for you (mine gave me an excellent view of the leading edge of my knuckles - and very little else 🙄) and how important knowing whatís behind you is when you change lanes on a dual carriageway 👍

I change the angle of the OEM mirrors to make much more useful blind spot mirrors and use the Tiger mirrors as the main ones.

I assure you that I have not seen anything as reliable as what I have installed to warn of a blind spot when changing left or right lanes.

It is phenomenal and it has never failed me, I did the installation in such a way, so that by day and in full sun it can be seen 100 * 100 and at night obviously, through the cell that I carry for the lights of the handlebar buttons , dims your blind spot lighting when changing lanes.

I think that when I put it here in the forum, you saw it and in case you didn't see it, I put the link.,9832.0.html


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