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    Re: The greatest accessory... EVER!
    Reply #24 on: Aug 02, 2022, 10.26 am
    Aug 02, 2022, 10.26 am
    *Originally Posted by Mick or Mack [+]
    I can't get mine to fit the driver seat anywhere near that good. The passenger does fit amazing. Any tricks? Does it take form eventually?

    I had a similar issue. The driver seat cover doesn't fit snug but the fit is much better following the instructions in the video below. The seller said that it should become better after a few 100km of riding. What worked for me is pulling the cover from the sides and putting the velcro straps in X-pattern as explained in this video:

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    Re: The greatest accessory... EVER!
    Reply #25 on: Aug 04, 2022, 08.38 pm
    Aug 04, 2022, 08.38 pm
    That X Pattern is very clever, I will try that.  I did go for a 150 mile ride this morning and the cover is now nicely formed to the stock seat.  I was trying to show a picture but the forum is making me sign in again and not accepting my password.  :027:

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    Re: The greatest accessory... EVER!
    Reply #26 on: Aug 05, 2022, 11.16 am
    Aug 05, 2022, 11.16 am
    I bought one of these mesh seat covers from coolcovers a couple of months back. It was great during the recent heat wave. I dont find it slippery at all, but I wear riding jeans not leather or textiles. I could imagine it being slippery with textile trousers.

    Re the fit, i found it more difficult than expected to fit and was wrestling with it for 30mins in the end, had it on and off completely 3 times until I was happy with it. It did take a couple of 50 mile rides to bed in properly to the shape of the seat.

    Great mod for the cash :)