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Re: Ramp loading the trophy into a pu truck bed
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2021, 02:10:31 pm »
  First of all no way I'm adding another trailer to my 32' trailer its difficult enough and I don't think its legal in certain States. I already have the ramp and just installed the winch. I can't add any more equipment due to weight/towing issues.
OK, thanks for the feedback As I mentioned I'm traveling the US ofA with a ToyotaTundra 5.7 4wd tow pkg pulling a 32' travel trailer 7,000 lbs The motorcycle:2015 Trophy SE goes in the bed of my truck set into a chock bolted to the bed. I have a 6' long x 3' wide ramp. I have the low seat. I have a 28" inseam leg length. I wear motorcycle boots with 1" heels and 1/2" soles to gain some length. At each new camp, I arrive at I look for an appropriate hill ideally similar to the landscape of a golfing tee railed hill steep sides and a large flat area at top of the hill which allows an easy entry or exit.
 Unfortunately, this never happens hills too steep, not steep enough, no flat area (a problem for unloading)
    Even when the rise of the ramp is only 14" The geometry of the bike,ramp angle and flat truck bed create a situation where my feet end up in the air tippy toe touching only. In addition the rear wheel has trouble keeping a grip do to the angle of approach. I haven't tried the winch yet but there are numerous potential hazards with this option as well.
  And yes I'm aware of the flat tray hoist at $2,500 I'll pass.
   So I am planning on building a set of easy off/on training wheels solely for the stability of the bike when loading. I have studied the bike and I am proposing a 3.4" dowel length TBD which will slide through the kickstand triangular opening 
 The dowel will be secured with a cowling against the kickstand bracket, A pneumatic tire 10-12" wheel TBD with internal bearing 3/4" opening for axle/dowel secured with another cowling. As I am not a mechanical engineer I'm guessing on the loads, stresses, and point loads. I have almost injured myself several times as I don't always have help, I'm traveling solo.
  So I believe this can only improve the stability Cost should be under $100 US. My major concern is the fitment of the dowel going through the triangular kickstand opening. I am building this any useful advice/suggestions are welcome I hope to have a prototype built by the end of October. 
    As always thank all of you for taking the time to respond !! I truly do appreciate your help and suggestions. I'll try uploading some pictures on a future post!  OH I've been to Maine, Mass, Penn, Va  +?- 700 miles total and I'm currently on the coast of North Carolina I'd post pics but I think it might be looked at as Off Topic.

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Re: Ramp loading the trophy into a pu truck bed
« Reply #9 on: September 18, 2021, 12:37:45 pm »

Sorry I missed the fact that you are towing the camper at the same time.

My bad.

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