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    Re: Seafoam
    Reply #16 on: Dec 01, 2021, 03.01 pm
    Dec 01, 2021, 03.01 pm
    *Originally Posted by STJIM [+]
    According to the MDS,  this product is mostly naphtha :

        ( see page 2 ).   

    So this product isn't much different as home-brew "Seafoam".  But the home-brew "Seafoam" contains some iso-alchohol to mitigate any moisture in the system.  I buy the naphtha at my local hardware store, BTW.
    I agree.  I believe it was an old thread on where folks were also discussing their homebrew Seafoam and the arguments also revolved around "pale" oil which most decided was kerosene/diesel fuel in some form.  So Naphtha, Iso-Alchohol and a touch of kerosene.  :152: