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    Re: New Moto Guzzi Sport Tourer
    Reply #8 on: Dec 03, 2021, 02.46 pm
    Dec 03, 2021, 02.46 pm
    Must admit, when I clapped eyes on the new Guzzi, I thought that could probably be the next shaft drive I get, as no Trophy upgrade available, don't fancy the Explorer to tall, I can live without a full fairing, my last bike, a 1050 Tiger only had the headlight fairing, and I'm not interested in a BMW, too expensive, and like Ducat, Guzzi had to up their game re electrics, quality control, ect, when up against the rest of the Jap/Euro manufacturers

    Not that I'm ready to chop the Trophy in yet, but a bit fed up with the colour though, silver, would rather black or a metallic Blue or Gunmetal grey.

    Hopefully I will have a good look at it, at the NEC bike show, if my covid isolation has ended before the show ends.

    Must admit I did fancy the 1000 Guzzi Auto back in 79, it got a great write up in Bike magazine, but I kept my T160 Trident instead, wonder if I would have kept the Guzzi till today, as I have the Trident.