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    HEATED GRIPS "Unobtainable" Parts For Sale !
    on: Apr 26, 2022, 10.52 am
    Apr 26, 2022, 10.52 am
    NOTE : If you can see this message, then these parts are still available from me !  :028:

    FOR SALE :

    2 x "Connector Pack" ( Triumph Part Number A9630002 )
    1 x Instructions for fitting the Connectors.
    1 x "Shorting Plug" ( Triumph Part Number T2502509 )
    5 x Cable Ties.

    5.00 INCLUDING UK Delivery.
    International Delivery at extra cost. ( e.g. US = GBP 8.00 )

    Topic is LOCKED for comments, but feel free to send me a Private Message with any queries,
    or Send me a Private Message with your Name and Address for confirmation of costs, and details of how to pay !


    Background Information :

    The full Heated Grips Kit ( A9638088 or A9638094 ) for the Triumph Trophy ( 2012 on ) is no longer
    available from Triumph.  Some of the parts needed to make up a full Heated Grips Kit are still available. 
    Other parts, such as the Electrical "Connector Packs" are no longer available from Triumph,
    and parts such as the "Shorting Link" often seem to be unlisted or on "Back Order".

    I have located alternatives for the unobtainable Connectors and am able to supply them
    as a package together with other parts such as the "Shorting Link".

    The Parts making up the complete kit ( from Triumph ) would be :

    1.T2042455Right Heated Grip
    2.T2042457Left Heated Grip
    3.T2502509Shorting Plug ( A9638088 only - 1 required, RRP = 4.81 from World of Triumph )
    4.A9630002Connector Pack ( 2 required - RRP = 4.60 + Postage from WOT )
    5.T33314392Stainless Steel Machine Screws ( 2 required @ 5.02 each )
    6.T3700015Cable Ties ( 5 required @ 1.08 each )

    NOTES :

    Items 1 & 2 - The Heated Grips ARE available to buy / order from any authorised Triumph Dealer.
    It is not my intention to supply these - Buy them yourself to benefit from the Triumph Warranty !

    Item 3
    Most, but not all Trophy Models need Item 3 ( Shorting Plug ).
    For some reason ( at the time of writing ), on the World of Triumph web site,
    for the Triumph Trophy ( 2012 onwards ) Heated Grips Page, the "Shorting Plug" is not shown !  :027:

    Check the wiring harness of your Trophy - under the forward storage box, to see
    whether there is a socket for the Shorting Plug, which may have a Blanking plug fitted.
    If there is no socket, then you don't need the Shorting Plug !

    If there IS a socket - with either a Blanking Plug ( see next Photo ) or no Plug fitted,
    then you do need a Shorting Plug.

    The Shorting Plug IS available from Triumph, but is often on "Back Order"
    I have included a Shorting Plug in my package at a lower cost !
    It is easily distinguished from the Blanking Plug by its loop of wire :

    ITEM 4 "Connector Pack" is no longer available from Triumph.
    These are the plastic connector housings that are fitted on the end of
    the Heated Grips wires AFTER the grips have been installed on the Handlebars,
    which then plug into the matching sockets of the Trophy Harness.
    I HAVE A SUPPLY OF THESE PARTS - Shown in the above Photo.
    ( Alternatively you could cut the wires off the Trophy harness
    to make your own connection, if you aren't worried about retaining originality ! ).

    Item 5 - Stainless Steel Machine Screws. These are for the left Grip only.
    They are incorrectly described on the WOT Web Site as "Self Tapping Screws". 
    They AREN'T - they are Machine screws with a T20 Torx head !
    The good news is that instead of spending 10.04 on two very expensive screws,
    you don't need to buy ANY !
    you can just re-use the original screws that hold the non heated Grip
    in place, as they are exactly the same screw !

    Item 6 - Cable ties for 1.08 EACH ! ? -
    These are used to tidy the Heated Grips wires by tying them
    to other wires running down the handlebars etc !
    I have included 5 Cable ties in the package.

    If you want to install Heated Grips on your Trophy, buy the two Grips
    from Triumph, then for just 5.00 Including UK Postage get :

    The two Connector packs NOT AVAILABLE FROM TRIUMPH
    a Shorting Plug, AND 5 Cable ties from me for just 5.00 - delivered ( in the UK ).
    These would cost 14.81 + Postage if you bought them from WOT as above !

    5.00 covers my costs of buying and assembling the parts
    AND also includes UK Postage and packaging !

    For International delivery the total cost is likely to be around GBP 8.00.

    I am not making any profit on this - I am providing a service for other Trophy Forum Members
    that want to install Heated Grips, and are faced with the difficulties of parts availablity from Triumph.

    Send me a PM with your name and delivery address if interested.

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    Re: HEATED GRIPS "Unobtainable" Parts For Sale !
    Reply #1 on: Jan 12, 2023, 05.33 pm
    Jan 12, 2023, 05.33 pm
    Hello Coconut,
    Do you still have this heated grip parts kit for sale? If so, how do I go about purchasing a kit from you? I am located in California.
    Your response would be much appreciated as it is virtually impossible to get these bits and pieces over here. Cheers.

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    Re: HEATED GRIPS "Unobtainable" Parts For Sale !
    Reply #2 on: Jan 12, 2023, 05.58 pm
    Jan 12, 2023, 05.58 pm
    Oops - Forgot to "lock" the Topic for comments again after making an update,
    so I will attend to that shortly !

    Meanwhile ... These parts are very difficult to come by over here too !

    Unless you know me ! :028: - YES - they are still available,
    if I run out of them I will update that information here.

    Ordinarily anyone needing them just needs to send me a Private Message,
    as below, with their name and delivery address, for me to work out the Shipping cost.
    UK = GBP 5.00 including RM 2nd Class delivery.
    US = GBP 8.00 including RM International Standard ( Airmail ) delivery.

    A personal email address is also useful for me to send the instructions !

    I will send you a Private Message shortly.

    Cheers  :821:

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