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    schuberth SC2
    on: Jun 06, 2022, 07.52 pm
    Jun 06, 2022, 07.52 pm
    Has anyone else got a C5 with SC2? Do you find the remote on the side of the helmet takes ages to connect to the main unit? If so have you any answers?
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    Re: schuberth SC2
    Reply #1 on: Feb 25, 2023, 05.40 pm
    Feb 25, 2023, 05.40 pm
    I've just got one but not had chance to take it out in anger yet. I think the idea is that you leave the remote on standby (just power on/off using the big button on the rear unit) and it will hook up in a reasonable time. The button cell in there is supposed to last 18 months on standby and they are cheap enough, easy to swap out and keep a spare on the bike so maybe that is the way forward.

    It's another nightmare of connectivity though.. Lots of playing about to get it right.

    I'd like music from my phone, comms to pillion and phone calls, all on VOX and all working reliably. This is something the SC2 should take in it's stride...We shall see.

    I've given up trying to get the TT talking to anything and I never use SatNav audio directions, I prefer to glance at the screen so it SHOULD in theory be pretty straight forward.

    Hiope to goodness it's not another load of do-this-do-that in a certain order though.. I really want to just hit the button, it all connects and just works.