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    Re: Fork Top Cap Socket
    Reply #24 on: Oct 26, 2022, 06.51 pm
    Oct 26, 2022, 06.51 pm
    *Originally Posted by Pauli363 [+]
    Also, Digital, if you use a large spanner in place of the 50mm socket, you do not have to remove the handlebars at all.  There is not much torque on these caps, and they will loosen easily with a normal spanner. No damage at all.

    I use the socket tool to remove and mount shock forks for two reasons.

    The first is that with fixed wrenches, it is easy to damage the nut, since it is pure aluminum and if that happened, we would have a big problem.

    The second reason and for me it is very important, is that with the socket tool, I can give the necessary torque of 40Nm that the manufacturer says.

    I keep in mind that all the screws on my Trophy, I always tighten them with the pressure indicated by the manufacturer, except the screws that hold the fairings, all, all the other screws, I respect the necessary tightening torques very much.

    With a fixed wrench I am clear that I cannot give the tightening torque of 40Nm.
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