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    FarRide to Blinman South Australia Friday 10th. June 2022
    on: Jun 15, 2022, 01.49 am
    Jun 15, 2022, 01.49 am
     When faced with writers block, always go back to the start.

        And so it was as I fronted another morning in down town Trafalgar. Same as the others leading up to this "COLD - WET - DREARY - FREEZING, did I say WET Friday morning. After tipping out nearly 20 mils. from the rain gauge I contemplated a wet start to this FarRide to Blinman.
        The weather report for the day said "SHOWERS". Well I'm going to say if this was just a shower then what had the rain gods in store for the rest of this Friday. I got drenched just walking down to open the side gate. God I hate starting a FarRide, no any ride, in the rain.
         Of course there's no sympathy in my house, especially from the good wife. Along the lines of, "aren't you supposed to be a tough motorcyclist". Thanks a lot.
         So into the wet I proceeded, leaving home about 07.50 am. Wet to Melbourne and onto the Calder Hwy. heading for Inglewood for a midday start docket. Well I have to say the showers stopped around Calder Park Raceway. The temperature stayed near the bottom of the scale, 9 degrees, thank's to WARM & SAFE I remained roasty toasty on the inside.
         My calculations were a little out. I arrived at the Inglewood Roadhouse on the north of town at 11.15 am. Guess I'll kill a bit of time. Early lunch, then with that all important start docket secured of I head.
         Next stop Ouyen for fuel then West before Red Cliffs on the Merringur Road bypassing Mildura's   holiday traffic. The lovely lady at the SA/VIC border quarantine stop had me answering "NO" before she even asked her question. She added have a good ride as I rode off, just to the Caltex for fuel.
         Renmark and Monash were behind me when I decided on an early fuel and food intake at Morgan [sundown], three pieces of succulent, read greasy chicken. Just what I was craving.
         Onto to the "killing fields" for the 88 kms. to Burra. I couldn't believe it, not a roo in site. The misty rain and a little fog returned for my last part of the days ride to Terowie Roadhouse/Motel. Arrived about 19.45 pm. Five minutes behind schedule. Now you may not consider staying at this little establishment on the highway. But for my $88.00 I walked into a pre-heated room, thanks  Adrian, and plenty of hot water, a clean and comfortable single bed, one of two. That's all I needed. A "FEW" passing B-doubles to lull me to sleep, perfect.
         SATURDAY 11th.  Leaving "my little oasis in the desert" at 07.15 am. into a chilly but dry morning Peterborough was my intended breakfast stop. Men cannot run on rest alone. Five minutes after my arrival at the only cafe open in town I was joined by Vlad and Sidi1200, or in other words, Scott and Sid. Consumption finished it was onto Hawker for fuel. Now Scott and Sid had spent the night in Renmark, with an early start of 04.30 am. fuel was upper on their minds.
          With a brief stop to add strips of black racing tape to the yellow front guard of a certain riders Honda everything went well. That is until I decided to stop at the first fuel outlet, BP, with only card payments accepted. It took me longer to process my card than it should have. We were join ed by Scotlan as we proceeded onto the Blinman Road only to pass the second fuel outlet in town which was "of course" open.
          At this point I think it's worth pointing out just how good South Australian roads are. In fact the road to Blinman is just one great roller coaster of extra smooth bitumen, going to the top of my all time best roads. At this time I think I must make mention of the ad on TV where the women drives up to a car dealer in just the chassis and engine, body parts have been falling off along her journey. The last part is where the front end collapses. The vehicle [sorry lovers of this brand] is a JEEP.
           Well back to the ultra smooth [apart from the rough creek crossings] Blinman Road. With a certain black striped yellow Honda leading we caught up what surely was the SA JEEP OWNERS CLUB, all twenty, or was it thirty of them. Well it was obvious they'd all seen that TV commercial, because they were crawling along at the body saving speed of 80 kph. Did it take us long to dispatch them into the rear view mirrors, I pretty sure you know the answer.
            Alan "large" Hutchinson had completed the check-in when we arrived at 11.10 am, that is apart from we late arrivals. Stories told, lies embellished and much jocularity followed. Photos taken, see Large's report elsewhere. Before many explanations of our riding ethos to a large [sorry Alan] tour coach group of grey hairs. After this school lesson we all bade farewell to Blinman and headed home to all points of the compass.
           With another "splash and dash" of fuel at Hawker [ open servo of course] I reversed my mornings ride to Morgan. Returning through the "killing fields" in latish daylight I didn't see any Honda scarring roos. Fuel and, because I must have liked them, three pieces of that similar chicken for a late lunch/early dinner. Slightly darker to dark had me scouring the roadside for any errant roos on my return to Monash.
           My number one sponsor didn't like my idea of riding through to Trafalgar on Saturday night, Sunday morning. So I stopped at the Paringa Hotel and enquired re lodging for the night. Sorry, booked out. Bugger. I stopped at the small Werrimall Hotel, forcing my way through the rowdy throngs in the bar to be told the same, sorry, were full. I understood him to mean the accommodation listing, not the patrons. But they certainly appeared to be the same, full that is.
          Time was disappearing when I fuelled up at Ouyen. My hopes rose as I noted the rooms with no cars in front of them at the Ouyen motel Pity I didn't notice the "NO-VACANCY" lit up sign at the front. No, I had to enquire from the owner. SORRY MATE THERE'S A BIG DO ON IN TOWN. I thought I might as well ride home. Enquiring from the gent re the number of a motel in Sea Lake. Good news a room was available and my name was on the key. Elwyn was pleased, and I have to say I was as well. 10.20 pm. lights out, both room and myself.
          SUNDAY 12th.  On the road at 08.00am. south down the Calder to Charleton for a lovely sit down cooked breakfast. It's been awhile since I'd ordered two poached eggs, sausage, grilled tomato and two strips of bacon on toast all washed down with a great coffee. That lot did till the evening meal.
          Second last fill up where it all started on Friday, Inglewood Roadhouse. The last push to home was dry, that is till I approached Melbourne when the snot, sorry rain started up again. In fact all the way till Pakenham before dry again. Great my gear will be dry by the time I'm home. Who am I kidding, more rain at Warragul to home. Last fuel in Trafalgar, then ring home to get the gate and shed opened.
          Home. It's a good feeling we all look forward to, and I'm the same. 2,673 kms. for the three days with the FarRide portion 1,026 kms. That'll keep me happy for awhile. Although there's a new front tyre to get and other small things that have to be sorted, oh and let's not forget about another big service cost [96,000 kms.]. I'd been explaining to a couple of elderly [84 and 94] ladies whilst breakfasting that the biggest cost in this pleasurable past time is fuel. Well for my 10 fills it cost me $319.36 with the dearest being, of course Hawker, at $2.18 a litre.
          But who's complaining, not me, but someone else under the same roof said that might be the last for awhile. She might be right, maybe a bit of her time.
          Stay safe and I'll see you on the road in the future.  :thumbs ricky

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