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    Re: Bluetooth troubles
    Reply #8 on: Sep 23, 2022, 02.12 pm
    Sep 23, 2022, 02.12 pm
    *Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
    The Bluetooth Transmitter is located inside the Audio Unit.

    The Audio Unit is located under the storage box under the Rider's seat.

    Try and keep that storage box as clear as possible,
    and of anything else packed into the gaps around it.

    The Bluetooth signal has to get from the Audio Unit
    up through the storage box, the seat, and "parts" YOU
    to reach your helmet receiving antenna !

    It should be able to do that with ease to be fair.  Its about 3 foot at best, regardless of obstacles in the way.  I have bluetooth items about the house that have ranges of 20 or 30m through brick walls.  Also, bluetooth works pretty flawlessly to the bikes speakers.  There are too many riders reporting this issue to helmet units for it to be nothing other than poor design by Triumph.  I can get a connection from my Garmin satnav to my Helmet unit, but not from the bike.
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