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    Re: Great bike, uncomfortable seat (for me)
    Reply #24 on: Dec 17, 2022, 01.07 pm
    Dec 17, 2022, 01.07 pm
    I know what you mean about uncomfortable to me. I have hip pain (Mild Arthritis and 62yr young) and from the first time I sat on the bike on my ride home from purchase (2.5hours), I knew the bike would have to be returned or altered for me, I felt I was stuck in a groove and if I pushed back, I slowly sank back in the grove, I also felt too low as to my hips were hurting with too much upward crank, I also could not touch the floor. It is now a very comfortable bike for me and it can be returned to OE in less than an 1hr. Lowered suspension (43mm) lowered foot pegs (25mm) and the biggest hurdle a seat on a budget as I m semi retired and only work part time. You can read how I did the seat here, on DIY custom seat single seat base. I bought rider and pillion used seats with damaged covers cost from flebay about 50 joined the 2 plastic seat bases together with strong flat bar and used Chinese motor bike seat heaters (they work great), then took the single seat base to a custom seat manufacture and recovered in leather as to similar design as a corbin. The seat is a really tight and snug fit still sitting on all the rubbers (it is tight to fit under the centre hooks of the frame, which makes it a really snug fit. It is very comfortable (did a tour of France and Scotland and really enjoyed the new comfort. I can snug upto the handle bars on twisties but roll back for comfort on motorways. If you have a 35inch in seam you could lower the suspension 1 inch and have thicker foam to give you more comfort. A little thought, minor engineering and ideas from this forum has transformed the ride on this bike. Ride Safe Ade  :084: :001:

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    Re: Great bike, uncomfortable seat (for me)
    Reply #25 on: Dec 17, 2022, 02.27 pm
    Dec 17, 2022, 02.27 pm
    *Originally Posted by Blue42 [+]
    I have put about 150 miles on my 2013 Trophy now, and it's my favorite bike that I've had.  Past bikes were Concours14, Goldwing, Honda VFR 800.  Plus riding several others long distances.  The Trophy has great wind protection, is powerful enough to scare me, good mileage, smooth, with great features, and not too heavy.

    My one problem is the seat.  I have a 35" inseam and the seat (low, heated) is tilted forward to slide me into the tank, splaying my legs out.  So it's a fight between gravity and the friction on my backside to stay back off the tank.  Which isn't so nice after a out ten to fifteen minutes.  I can still feel today's 1hr ride six hours later. 
    I tried putting it in the high position and liked that less.

    Instead of searching for an hour, I wanted to ask, if anyone else has/had the same situation, and how did you fix it?  Not cheaply I'm guessing.  I don't want to spend $500 on another seat and find out it's no better.  And this seat being heated, and expensive, I don't want to cut it open and do any custom upholstery.

    I found that putting the seat (low) in lower position in the back and the front in the high position helped me.  I have rather short inseam of 29 inches but can almost get flat footed anyhow.  It also cured the pressure I was getting directly on my tailbone. 

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    Re: Great bike, uncomfortable seat (for me)
    Reply #26 on: Dec 17, 2022, 08.45 pm
    Dec 17, 2022, 08.45 pm
    By placing two half-moon-shaped steel stops behind the two upper screws of the support where the seat bar is anchored, it can be lowered approximately one more centimeter.
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