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    Air filter blunder
    on: Oct 26, 2022, 09.07 am
    Oct 26, 2022, 09.07 am

    This is what I found when I cracked open my TTSE to do some maintenance.
    Be careful when installing an air filter so it doesn't get bound or pinched inside the filter housing.
    From the looks of it, whoever replaced the air filter failed to set it correctly inside the slide-out filter housing causing some of the road crap to infiltrate the air box.

    Luckily, heavy stuff that made its way inside the air box settled around the base of velocity stacks and didn't get ingested by the engine.

    Take your time and do it right the first time.



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    Re: Air filter blunder
    Reply #1 on: Oct 27, 2022, 02.20 am
    Oct 27, 2022, 02.20 am
    Probably not hard to install the air filter incorrectly.

    After I bought my used 2015 last year with 20K miles,  I did the 20K maintenance including replacing the air filter.

    I didn't like the way it was fitting into the air filter box.  It wasn't sliding in smoothly - just didn't feel right.

    I decided to secure it before sliding it into the air filter box by using a few screws below the contact / sealing lip.  It slide in nice and smooth after doing that.

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