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    20k service at 15k
    on: Nov 10, 2022, 03.49 am
    Nov 10, 2022, 03.49 am
    I have retired my TTSE for the winter and figured i will do its 20k service now... I have attached some pictures of all three throttle bodies and did the best i can to get clear shots of the intake valves... to me looked like an excessive amount of build up on the valves, also noted a slight oily build up at the throttle valves. I purchased this bike with 13k on it, so i have no knowledge of prior maintenance and fuel used before me. with that said, bike starts, runs and goes down the road great. gets around 55-60mpg and has more then enough power. no codes, no issues... nothing.

    does this look normal?
    what do you recommend for fuel treatment to counter the deposit build up
    or, is this something that should be investigated deeper?

    thank you for all input

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    Re: 20k service at 15k
    Reply #1 on: Nov 10, 2022, 08.43 pm
    Nov 10, 2022, 08.43 pm
    If the photos are not deceiving, no, it does not seem normal, that carbon would need to be cleaned and the valves ground. It seems that the valves do not seat properly in the combustion chamber and do not close properly. The best thing to burn carbon and it's not kidding, is from time to time to accelerate and increase the revolutions in each gear change and that causes the carbon to burn.

    It is also very possible that the valve seals are somewhat worn and it is burning oil...

    From the condition of the valves, it seems that the previous owner of his TTSE has not taken much care of that engine.
    What condition are the spark plugs in?

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    Re: 20k service at 15k
    Reply #2 on: Nov 11, 2022, 11.18 am
    Nov 11, 2022, 11.18 am
    At 15k miles, total, the only engine maintenance required would have been one oil change, at 10k.
    The carbon build up certainly does not look normal.
    My SE had less when I did my last major service at 60k miles, & 9 of the valves needed adjustment because they were too tight.
    Your cylinder head needs some attention, but I'd be hesitant to blame it on the PO.
    This is quite curious, & please continue to post on your progress..TY!
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