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    All front brake pads
    on: Feb 07, 2023, 12.40 am
    Feb 07, 2023, 12.40 am
    While doing the 40000 mile service on my Trophy, I did the pad inspection on front brakes. In have glanced at the pads, on occasion, multiple times during the year. The ones I could see, were good. One pad, on the left side, inner/lower location, was shot. It had maybe 1 mm of material left! Apparently the outer/lower piston became locked up, and only the inner/lower piston was advancing, thereby wearing it out. That was the only pad I couldn't see of the 8 on the front, at a glance. I was expecting the right side/lower location to have excessive wear, due to linked brakes. Thought I would pass this along, since it could save someone some brake/rotor drama!