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    Trophy ( 2012 > ) HEATED GRIPS KIT ( BRAND NEW )
    on: Mar 14, 2023, 03.58 pm
    Mar 14, 2023, 03.58 pm
    This sale is for a Brand New Triumph Trophy ( 2012 onwards )
    Heated Handlebar Grips Kit, including some parts that are no longer available from Triumph !

    It includes everything apart from two small Torx screws for the
    Left Grip but these are not needed - just re-use the original screws !

    Offered for sale is :

    1 x Right Heated Grip
    1 x Left Heated Grip
    1 x Shorting Link ( Some bikes may not need this part - Often unavailable from Triumph )
    2 x "Connector Packs" - these are fitted to the ends of the wires after installing the Grips,
    and then plug in to the matching connectors of the Trophy Harness. ( No longer available from Triumph )
    5 x Cable Ties

    Also included is a print out of the Triumph installation instructions,
    and detailed instructions for fitting the "Connector Packs",
    which will be sent by email.

    The last known Retail Price for the complete kit from World of Triumph
    for the : Heated Grips Kit A9638094 before they became "Unavailable" was £183.75 + Delivery.

    Total Cost today = £145.00 including UK Delivery 

    Send me a Private message if interested,
    and include your name and address for delivery,
    together with your email address for further information.

    I may advertise these elsewhere after a week or so if not sold,
    but wanted to give Forum Members the opportunity first !  :001:

    Cheers  :821: