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    Tip/advice on replacing headlight bulbs
    on: Mar 22, 2023, 08.07 am
    Mar 22, 2023, 08.07 am
    Iíve read posts on here from folks having real difficulties getting the spring retainer into place after replacing bulbs. Thereís no doubt the limited space doesnít help but itís possibly not the only problem! Recently when Iíd my bike stripped I took the opportunity to fit new/better quality bulbs. I had the front fairing sitting on the bench with the the back of the head looking straight at me (handy - I know) After Iíd changed the bulb I noticed that the spring clip didnít line up with the retaining hook thatís screwed onto the back of the lens. I loosened the screw and moved it out about 1mm until it wouldnít move any further. Thereís a tab on the hook to stop it going to far. When tightened in this position the spring clip easily clips into place. See the attached picture. Please note that in this position the headlight/fairing are upside down. A simple check/fix if you have the front fairing off. Hope this helps 👍

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