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    Re: Garmin Zumo XT2
    Reply #16 on: Sep 04, 2023, 10.23 pm
    Sep 04, 2023, 10.23 pm
    I have used the Zumo 595 for many years. After my last 3500 mile trip, older eyes and all, i upgraded to the XT2. Using the same Trophy mount, the XT2 does NOT block the gear indicator or anything else. XT2 external dimensions are really not much larger than the 595. The XT2 design simply provides more display and less frame. I appreciate the larger size, cleaner, clearer, and more vivid display even in bright over shoulder sun light. The navigation communication pairs directly with my sena 20, and voice directions appears to be more clear, and sharp. Entering an address is SOOOO much easier and quicker. The XT2 has many of the familiar features of the 595, and some added new ones. Battery life is better. Garmin Smart Link works better and seems to offer more information. IF I recall properly, the XT2 cost almost half of what my 595 did. BUT!!! I cant make phone calls and send text messages like I use to when the 595 was connected to My Sena, my Trophy, and my iphone. I can receive phone calls on the XT2, but the quality is very poor compared to the 595, Trophy, and iphone configuration. People cant hear me very well, and I cant hear them as well either.  I am hoping the setup is something I am doing wrong between pairing the zumo with my sena, and the zumo with my iphone. Or is it my iphone with my sena and he zumo with the sena. I don't think the Trophy need be paired at all. Or does it?  If there is a solution, i haven't figured it out. In these regards, I miss the functionality of the 595. I would very much like to hear if anyone has a successful setup with the XT2, Sena, and Iphone.

    thank you.