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    Miscellaneous TTSE parts
    on: Feb 04, 2024, 11.48 pm
    Feb 04, 2024, 11.48 pm
    Read through the list and view photos for what is available. All items can be shipped at buyers cost. Located in Palm Coast Florida. All prices are USD.Thank you for looking

    TTSE factory service manual, each page has been placed in a sleeve protector and in three ring binder. $150

    Front fork amber reflectors $5

    Ram Mount ball adaptors, these screwed into the threaded holes where mirrors would be mounted on the controls. $5.  -SOLD-

    Dealertool OBD interface cable, Ver 3.1 $30

    Oem tool kit $30

    Oxford rainex all season cover, fits TTSE with tour pack. $100

    Handlebar riser kit. $30 - SOLD-

    TTSE factory GPS mount with XM radio antenna mount. $30. -SOLD-

    Heated hand grips, these are used. I discarded rubber covers and had plans to recover. Make offer

    Light socket for front directional, trophy letters, and loose random hardware. sold as hole, view picture. Make offer

    Rivco H4 led fan cooled light. super bright. 2 available $50 each

    Rubber plugs to fill holes when tank bag not installed. selling all three together $25

    T3600187 O-ring 10x2.0 new in package. 3 available $1 each

    T3053005 screw, pan,m7x1x12 t40 ( these are the screws for the cam gears) new in package. 4 available $ 1 each

    T11411212 strip, rubbing. (for cam chain) new in package $28

    T1261372 seal, cam cover. new in package $34

    T1140197 pad, blade,tensioner ( for cam chain) new in package $10

    T1141209 facing, blade,tensioner (for cam chain) new in package $85

    T3558989 washer, sealing,14,4x23x3 new in package $1

    T1140071 gasket, metal,tensioner (for hydraulic chain tensioner $2

    T2044007 nut, upper yoke, m27x1 new in package $19

    T2505160 sub-harness rider seat heated. new in package $11

    T2084401 footrest assy, rear, RH. used $25

    T3600199 o-ring, 18.8 x 1.9 new in package $1

    T1140114 Tensioner, hydraulic, black. new in package $90

    T2505150 Switch, heated seat. new in package $ 70

    T3501795 Washer, m12, OD 26, hardened. new in package. 2 available $ 1 each

    T3880640 camshaft timing plate. triumph tool. $35

    T3880601 camshaft timing pin. triumph tool $15

    T3880607 tensioner, timing. triumph tool. $45

    T3880620 adjuster socket, 48mm triumph tool $40

    T3880643 fork cap socket. triumph tool $67

    Ram ball adaptor. comes with bolts to mount to handlebars at bar mount location  $5 -SOLD-

    Tank bag. OEM tank bag, new, not in packaging, never used on bike. $200 -SOLD-

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    Re: Miscellaneous TTSE parts
    Reply #1 on: Feb 10, 2024, 04.30 am
    Feb 10, 2024, 04.30 am
     I would be happy to purchase the Tank bag, handlbar riser kit, RAM mount ball adaptors and the GPS mount. How would you like to get paid?

    Thank you,