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Moving bike in garage on center stand dolly
« on: November 21, 2013, 10:16:11 pm »
Bought a center stand dolly.   Couldn't figure out how to get the motorcycle on the center stand now with the dolly raising the height from which the stand would effectively be touching the floor.

For those who were suffering like I was...found this info

This is from the Park-n-move website

When taking a motorcycle off the center stand (regardless of it is on the Park-n-Move) it is always a good idea to have the bike in gear. This will prevent the bike from ‘getting away’ from you when it drops off the center stand.
When loading the motorcycle onto the Park-n-Move it is not required to lock the two casters. By leaving the casters unlocked, the Park-n-Move will ‘slide’ under the motorcycle. The makes the placing of the motorcycle on the centerstand easier as the motorcycle will not have to be lifted up and back.
When unloading the motorcycle from the Park-n-Move always lock the casters. Then place the front of your foot on the edge of the Park-n-Move near the leg of the center stand (don’t worry about your toe, the center stand will fold up and not mess up your pedicure) and rock the motorcycle forward off the Park-n-Move. Place the bike on the side stand and remove the Park- n-Move from under the motorcycle.
Great tip from a Goldwing rider regarding big bikes and center stands:
If too much extra effort is being required to life the bike onto the center stand, construct the follow ‘cheater steps”. Take two pieces of 1/4 inch plywood. One is 12" wide and 24” long. The second is 12" wide and 12”' long. There are stacked in a stair step manner. ’ This allows you to role the bike easily 1/4" at a time for a total extra height of 1/2". Roll the front or rear wheel onto these ‘stairs. Now the bike is 1/2” higher making it easier to place on the center stand.

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Re: Moving bike in garage on center stand dolly
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2013, 05:46:28 am »
Hi Jord.... thanks for the tips.... I have one of these bike dollys and getting it onto the centre stand because of the height of the platform is a struggle. Someone else has already suggested the little ramp idea so I am building this weekend.

With regard to NOT locking the castors when you put the bike onto its centre stand as the "Park n move will slide" I would strongly advise against it.... Tried doing it once without locking the castors and it  damn near almost got away with me and went over!! I definitely say have them locked for the lift up.

I then don't have them locked when I take the bike off the stand and just use the toe of my boot in front of the castors and roll it forward and set it on the side stand.
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