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    HOW TO : Check the most common faults & issues. Page 1 ( A - D )
    on: Dec 20, 2013, 02.16 pm
    Dec 20, 2013, 02.16 pm
    Subjects are listed alphabetically. THIS IS PAGE 1 ( A - D ).

    PAGE 2 ( E - O ) CAN BE FOUND HERE : HOW TO : Check the most common faults & issues Page 2

    PAGE 3 ( P - Z ) CAN BE FOUND HERE : HOW TO : Check the most common faults & issues Page 3

    The intention of this Topic is to provide a Quick reference to apparently common faults or issues that you
    may experience with your new Trophy, provide a few tips, and things to check that may help to resolve them.


    The below information is provided “as is”, with no guarantee that anything stated is factually correct.
    Information has been drawn from a variety of sources, with the sole intention of providing POSSIBLE solutions to a variety of issues.

    NOTE : Most faults and issues "should" be resolved by your Dealer under Warranty in the first 2 years.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that any work you carry out does not invalidate such warranty.


    AUDIO :

    "Audio Not Found" Instrument Panel Message.
    Some Members have had this message appear, and found their Audio system does not work at all.
    This may be connected with Low Voltage issues.
    Turning off the Ignition and restarting does not usually clear the fault,
    but pulling the fuse ( Front fuse box, Fuse No.3 - 10A ) for the Audio system and then re-inserting it,
    or disconnecting the ( fully charged ) Main battery and re-connecting it does usually clear the fault.
    Discussed in detail here : "Error - Audio Not Found"

    NOTE : with thanks to Members "PhilInAthens" and "Maassen"
    who have reported their batteries draining overnight with the key out,
    and their Dealers identifying a faulty XM Radio Audio Module,
    continuing to search for a signal and not shutting down, after the Ignition has been switched off.
    ( This has also caused some of the "FLAT BATTERY" issues ! )
    Worth a check and mentioning to your Dealer if you have the same problem !

    Update 09/11/14 :Triumph have acknowledged this issue and have worked with
    the 3rd party supplier to devise a solution, which is a Software Update to Version 1.04 E.

    Bluetooth Audio “not working”

    The Trophy Bluetooth system is Bluetooth wireless technology version 2.1 + EDR.

    •   Check your Device is compatible with the above version.
    •   Check that Bluetooth Audio is enabled in the Audio Menu - Pages 40-41 of the Audio Handbook
    •   Check you have correctly “Paired” and set up correctly as either a “Headset” or a “Device”.
          ( Owners Audio Handbook Pages 44 onwards ).
    •   If none of the above work, try resetting the Audio by pulling Fuse No.3 from the forward Fuse Box,
            and then replacing it - this has had miraculous results for some members !
            ( With thanks to member "atvtinker" for confirming this reset cured his non-Pairing problem  :028: )

    Bluetooth Audio "skipping" or cutting out

    Some Members have had intermittent problems of Bluetooth audio appearing to have a "weak" signal,
    resulting in the Bluetooth audio "skipping" and cutting out like a weak radio station signal.

    It is worth Unpairing all devices, and re-pairing them again, as this has cured the "fault" for some members.
    ( with thanks to Member "Cropbiker" for this information ).

    No Volume from Sat Nav or USB device
    ( With thanks to Member "John348" )

    Using the recommended Garmin Zumo 660, there have been reports that sometimes the audio output
    ( Voice navigation instructions ) can not be heard at all over the loudspeakers or Bluetooth audio system,
    if the Master volume of the Trophy is at a low setting, and / or the volume control setting within the Sat Nav device is set too low.

    Similarly, some USB audio files may not be heard if they have been recorded onto the USB device at a low volume.

    Recommendations :
    When using Sat Nav :
    Set the volume within the Sat Nav device to a high setting ( such as 80% ).
    Adjust the Trophy audio system volume to a high setting using the handlebar volume controls.
    After making these adjustments, if using a Bluetooth helmet device :
    Adjust volume to a comfortable level using the Bluetooth device volume control(s).

    When preparing audio to use from a USB source ( Memory stick / iPod ) :
    Ensure as far as possible that music has been optimised for high volume.
    ( Consider use of software such as "Media Monkey" ).
    If using an iPod device, set the output volume to a high level,
    use the handlebar volume controls, and helmet Bluetooth device volume controls,
    to set the volume to a comfortable level.

    USB audio not working from iPod / iPhone

    The Trophy system supports these Apple devices :
    iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8, 16 & 32GB,
    iPod Touch 3rd Gen - 32 & 64GB,
    iPod Touch 4th Gen - 8, 32 & 64GB,
    iPod Nano 4th Gen ( Video ) - 8 & 16GB,
    iPod Nano 5th Gen ( Video Camera ) - 8 & 16GB
    iPod Nano 6th Gen - 8 & 16GB,
    iPhone 3G - 8 & 16GB,
    iPhone 3GS - 8, 16 & 32GB,
    iPhone 4 - 8, 16 & 32GB,
    iPhone 4S - 16, 32 & 64GB,

    •   Check that you are using a genuine USB cable from the manufacturer of your device.
          Some cheap imported cables will only charge the device and do not have audio capability.

    •   Connect your device with the Audio system SWITCHED OFF ( Volume control all the way down to AUDIO OFF ),
          then switch the Audio system back ON, and allow the system to search for, and recognise your device.

    •   Test your device and cable on another Trophy - if it works then it is likely
         you have a loose connection on the back of the USB Port.
         To access the back of the USB port, the glove box needs to be removed by undoing the two Hex bolts -
         See the "How To" section and topic for "How to Remove the Fairing etc" for more information and Photo's of this.

    USB Audio Memory Stick / Media Player will not play / will not FWD to next Track

    The Trophy system supports USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices.
    •   Check that your memory stick is formatted as “FAT”, and the songs are of a type
         supported by the Trophy audio system :  AAC, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA
         More info here : Using the Memory Stick

    •   Check the length of the mp3-filename. MP3-filenames up to 59 characters seem to work fine
          and will FWD to the next file after the song ends or you press the forward-button.
          MP3-filenames with 60 or more characters will be played, but may not FWD to the next track.
          Reducing the filenames of all tracks to less than 60 characters may solve the problem.
          ( With thanks to Member "uwe_m" for this Tip ).

    •    Some brands and capacities of USB Memory Stick are not recognised - try another brand or size !
          ( With thanks to Member "uwe_m" for this Tip ).

    •   Check that the Media Player is in “Mass Storage Mode” or similar to allow external playback -
          See your specific device documentation for details.

    •   Connect your device with the Audio system SWITCHED OFF ( Volume control all the way down to AUDIO OFF ),
         then switch the Audio system back ON, and allow the system to search for, and recognise your device.



    There are TWO types  of reduced voltage warning that may appear in the display :
    ( with thanks to Member "briang1234" for clarifying this ).

    "BATTERY LOW" as described on Page 26 & 39 of the Owners Handbook :
    Where the Battery voltage has dropped below a certain level,
    and is accompanied by the red Battery symbol in the Tachometer illuminating. 

    At this stage Heated Grips and Seats, Accessory sockets and the Audio system ( if fitted )
    are turned OFF automatically, and Engine idle speed may increase,
    to allow the charging system to charge the battery.

    The "BATTERY LOW" warning will remain in the Instrument display until
    • The charging system has recharged the battery
    • The SELECT button has been pressed, or
    • The Ignition is switched off

    "LOW VOLTAGE" as described on Page 7 of the Audio Handbook.
    "The on-board electronics will determine if the battery is sufficiently charged to power the audio system.
    If the battery voltage drops too low the audio system will be turned off and the instruments will display
    " LOW VOLTAGE" in the lower display area.

    Under these circumstances the audio system can be turned on again once the battery has
    been recharged or the engine has been started.

    BATTERY DRAINING ( Overnight )

    NOTE : With thanks to Members "PhilInAthens" and "Maassen"
    who reported that their batteries were draining overnight with the key out.
    Their Dealers have identified the cause as being a faulty XM Radio Audio Module -
    not shutting down after the Ignition has been switched off.
    Worth a check and mentioning to your Dealer if you have the same problem !

    UPDATE 29/10/14 : With thanks to Member Fastwheels :
    Triumph now have a software update ( Version 1.04E ) for the Audio system of US Trophy SE Models,
    to cure the previous issue of the XM Radio audio module causing the battery to drain when the Ignition is off.

    There are several other things to check which can all result in low battery voltage :

    • Loose battery terminal connections
      This appears to have produced a number of different system faults for various Members -
      CHECK THOSE TERMINALS ARE CLEAN & TIGHT - especially after a Service or other work
      where the battery may have been disconnected and not fully re-tightened !
    • Parking Light left ON
    • Ignition left ON when engine not running
    • Motorcycle not used - electronic systems will gradually discharge the battery
    • Motorcycle used for "very short journeys" where the charging system does not have time
      to restore the charge used in starting and running the engine
    • Faulty battery

    The use of a "Battery Optimiser" such as Optimate or  Battery Tender
    can help when the bike is in storage, or when used for "very short journeys".

    The battery is located under a cover underneath the right handlebar. 
    There’s just one Hex bolt to remove, lift the rear edge of the cover up, pull it up and rearwards
    to disengage the front rubber mountings. See here for Photo’s within the “How to Remove the Fairing” topic.
    Paragraph 10 - How to remove Fairing

    Several Trophy owners have had faulty batteries on their new bikes,
    resulting in non-starting, and / or faults showing up on the Instrument panel that will not clear.
    This may be as a result of the battery being allowed to drain while in storage / transit,
    with the battery being recharged shortly before delivery to the customer. 
    A battery that has previously drained below a certain level is often no longer serviceable and will need to be replaced,
    however it is often not apparent that the battery is at fault, and needs to be checked
    with the correct battery discharge testing equipment to confirm.
    It is recommended that the Dealer checks the battery and replaces it under warranty ( if appropriate ).

    The original specification of the battery is :

    CAPACITY : 18 ah,   CCA : 310 cca ( Cold Cranking Amperes )

    At least one of our Members ( with thanks to "Briang1234" for the Info  :028: )
    has had the original battery replaced under warranty with :

    CAPACITY : 17.5 ah, CCA : 310 ( Cold Cranking Amperes )


    See “AUDIO”
    “Bluetooth Audio not working”


    A minority of owners have reported front brake “judder” particularly at low speeds. 
    Suggestions of checks to be carried out include :
    • Check front tyre for excessive "scalloping" which can
      make it appear as though the brakes are juddering
    • Checking the disc is not warped
    • Checking the disc for any physical defect, such as cracks or even sections that have been broken off -
       perhaps by stone impact.
    • Checking that the caliper pistons are all moving freely and not seized.
       ( The Trophy has Fixed calipers with Semi-Floating discs,
       each caliper has four pistons and four Brake pads per caliper ).
    • Checking that the pistons are equally "centred" on the disc.
    • With thanks to Member Ray_B for :
      Check that the disc ( rotor ) bobbins - on which the discs float, are not completely seized.
      See here for further details : Front Brake Discs Warped ( Reply #14 onwards )


    See "STAND" ( On PAGE 3 )

       Owners of Lunar Silver Trophies love the colour and believe they are faster.
       Owners of Pacific Blue Trophies love the colour and believe they are faster.
       Painting a Trophy in a different colour does not make it any faster or slower.
       If you take the Fairing off a trophy, underneath - they are the same colour.
       If you don't like the colour of any Trophy, you probably don't own one  :153:


    New Trophies occasionally suffer from Coolant leaking - usually from either being over filled,
    loose hose clamps, or from incorrectly fitted expansion bottle cap.

    See this Post : Coolant Leak! at Reply #7
    for further info on Loose hose clamps, including Photo's.

    The Coolant level can be checked from inside the front left wheel arch area.

    Removal of the side infill panel gives access to the expansion tank cap for topping up -
    check it is fitted properly and not leaking.

    The fairing needs to be removed to check and tighten hoses that are suspected of leaking. 
    Instructions to remove the Fairing can be found here : How To Remove the Fairing .....

    If coolant continues to leak, the Expansion Tank Cap or Thermostat may be faulty and need replacing.
    ( With thanks to Member "carey" for the information ).

    Hybrid Organic Acid Technology ( Hybrid OAT or HOAT ) coolant is installed in the cooling system
    when the motorcycle leaves the factory.
    It is coloured green, contains a 50% solution of ethylene glycol based anti-freeze,
    and has a freezing point of -35°C (-31°F).  Top up with more of the same !


    If Coolant is expelled from the overflow pipe after switching off the engine,
    with no obvious signs of overheating, or the Expansion Tank having been overfilled,
    check the Radiator Cap is holding it's pressure, as a faulty Cap can cause this issue.
    Topic here : Coolant leak not the usual suspects.
    With thanks to Member Shemoglee for this information.


    NOTE that if there is a fault with the Anti-Lock Brakes ( ABS )
    and the ABS warning light is ON, then Cruise Control will not activate !

    Also, the motorcycle must be travelling between 30 & 100 MPH
    ( 46 - 160 KPH ), and be in 4th, 5th or 6th gear.

    There are a number of switches that will de-activate the Cruise Control.
    Check that none of these are "stuck" ON ( apart from the first one ! :114: ) :

    Cruise Control On/Off button (  :138: )
    Rear Brake Light switch
    Front Brake Light Switch
    Clutch Switch
    Throttle Roll Off Switch

    Also note that a faulty Gear Position Sensor can cause the Cruise Control to disengage
    if it incorrectly reports Neutral, 1st, 2nd or 3rd gears as being selected.

    There are reports of Cruise control not being re-configured after work carried out at the Dealer,
    and other reports of electronic "gremlins" requiring the Cruise Control system to be reset.

    With thanks to Forum Member "trampgeo" for the following information :
    Resetting the Cruise Control can be carried out by operating the following switches in sequence,
    and is worth trying before a trip to the dealer ! ( May not reset if not configured correctly by Dealer ).
    • Ignition key on (engine not running) and cruise control switched off:
    • Activate front brake switch,
    • Rear brake switch,
    • Clutch switch,
    • Twist grip switch (push the throttle in the closed position),
    • Activate cruise on/off switch,
    • Cruise accelerate switch,
    • Cruise decelerate switch.



    Setup problems :
    You may experience Set Up problems when trying to connect the DealerTool Diagnostic device for the first time,
    if the Computer you are using has an active Internet connection.  More information here : DealerTool set up problems
    With thanks to member "DonTom" for the information.

    See also : ENGINE CONTROL MODULE (ECM) RECALL - Note below.


    I dropped my Trophy  :005: and it's very heavy to pick up !
    There is a "How To" article for picking up any heavy motorcycle that has been dropped on it's side.
    Recommended reading here : How to pick up a dropped motorcycle

    DTC's ( Diagnostic Trouble Codes )
    See FAULT CODES on Page 2 - ( E - O )

    E     Moved to  : HOW TO : Check the most common faults & issues Page 2 ( E - O )

    Link for Page 3 : HOW TO : Check the most common faults & issues Page 3 ( P - Z )

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