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New Bike Ordered.
« on: February 02, 2013, 04:41:36 pm »
I currently ride a 2010 BMW R1200 RT SE.  Some years ago I had a Triumph Trophy 1200 (1999 model), which I liked very much.
At Motorcycle Live at the NEC I looked at the Yamaha FJR 1300 - nice, but my wife didn't like the pillion arrangements. The Aprilia Caponord and KTM 1190 Adventure were also ruled out as not being very pillion-friendly. The Triumph Trophy SE and BMW R1200RT SE were on the short list I came home with, and it took until last week to get a test ride on the Trophy.
The engine in the Trophy is better in every measurable way than the boxer. It has more power and a wider rev range, it is smoother with mpg almost as good and longer service intervals. The gearbox is also smoother and the ratios combined with the tractability of the engine means that very low speed manoeuvres require less clutch slipping than the RT. Handling is very light and positive at both low and high(ish) speed - surprisingly so for such a big bike. Weather protection is excellent (the test bike had the slightly larger optional screen) and comfort wasn't a problem over the 130 miles I rode.
I found the Trophy heavier to push (uphill) into my garage than the RT, and some of the controls would take some getting used to - the cruise control is a little awkward to engage smoothly and seems a little reluctant to drop out when required (a fairly firm dose of rear brake does the trick).
When it came down to talking about purchase, the Trophy was always going to be cheaper than the BMW once specs were aligned. However, I love the colour scheme of the 90th anniversary RT and I can get it supplied with GPS, helmet with communicator and all the optional extras I want with a £1000 cash back from BMW. Since the RT is a known quantity (with some known issues, granted !) and my brother has a BMW with the communicator which will give us a bike to bike voice facility, I am going for the BMW.
I'm sure I could be very happy with a Trophy, it's a great bike and I'm sure there will be overtakes where I wish I were on a Trophy, but I've done the deal. The bike will be delivered in mid March and I have trips planned for this year - Croatia in May and Spain in September.
Hoping to meet some Trophy riders along the way to compare notes.
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Re: New Bike Ordered.
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2013, 11:56:51 pm »
Can understand all that, and why not?
The thing that really swung it for me was the mpg and the service intervals/cost v BMW.
I do about 25-30k a year so that was a deal-maker really.
Opted for the A1 bike, touring screen and heated grips, the SE didn't seem worth it to me.
Have fun with the Beemer.

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Re: New Bike Ordered.
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2013, 08:10:42 am »
Collect my SE on Friday :046: I too came down to the same conclusion  Beemer RTSE or Trophy SE. The Trophy engine won it for me and the fact that the wife said there was more room on the back for her.
I,ve a few rides planned for this year Berlin in March weather permitting  :087: Tridays in Austria June and also Spain in September. Gogs01 there may be a chance of bumping each other who knows.
Enjoy the Beemer :028: Ride safe and keep on posting we may meet at some point on or travels  :821: :062:
Ride long & prosper.
Live to ride. Ride int rain.