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HOWDY!! -- from Fritch, Texas
« on: February 10, 2013, 01:08:30 am »
Greetings from the far side all. I am new to the Triumph marque (almost) but not new to motorcycling. I have cousin in Ardmore OK who is absolutely convinced the new Triumphs could well be the best scooters made today. I have always trusted his ability at researching products and making wise decisions. Hence I am taking a serious look at jumping from the Bavarian ship onto the British. I have been riding since 1968 and on beemers since 1977. I did have a 20-year break from 1980 to April of 2000 though. Despite that long hiatus, I have still managed to accumulate nearly 400K miles in my riding history.

I am very excited about the Trophy. That 30.3" seat height really got my attention seeing as how I can only boast a 27" inseam. What I'm hoping to gain here is insight into these fine looking machines (visually as well as spec-wise) in order to make an informed decision for my 60th B-day present in May of 2014. Of course the hope is that I will be impressed enough to have a new Trohpy in the stable at that time. I am planning a test ride on my 59th B-day next May in Bethany, OK where my cousin will meet me and maybe a few friends for a test ride of his/their own.

Let me know what y'all think about the new Trophy as they become avaialable and folks begin to rack up miles and smiles.
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